The Name of the Band is Cowboy Mouth

The best live show you will ever attend.


Have you ever gone to a live show of a band that you really like, but left disappointed, thinking the live performance just didn’t sound as good as the music recorded in the studio? Or maybe the concert was all right, but somehow it felt impersonal, like you were expecting the musicians to interact more with the audience?

When you attend a Cowboy Mouth concert, you will never experience these letdowns. Cowboy Mouth truly thrives in a live setting. This band works hard to make sure that every fan, at every concert, is having an amazing time. On August 26, I attended their concert at Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois. This concert was a whole lot of fun and an all-around amazing experience.

20170826_200755 copy
Fred LeBlanc, leader of Cowboy Mouth, at Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois.

Who is in the band?


Fred LeBlanc is the head of the band, lead vocal, and drummer. LeBlanc’s singing while drumming is one really fantastic aspect of the band that sets it apart from others. This unconventional style, along with his high amount of crowd interaction, successfully adds loads of energy to the performance. I was grateful to be able to interview Fred at the Navy Pier concert, and that interview can be found in this earlier post. One of the guitarists of the band is John Thomas Griffith, a veteran member of Cowboy Mouth. The bassist is Brian Broussard, and the other guitarist of the band is Matt Jones.

20170826_203024_001 copy
John Thomas Griffith, Cowboy Mouth guitarist, at Navy Pier.

What genre of music do they play?


Cowboy Mouth is a rock band that, according to their website, incorporates punk, blues, and their New Orleans roots into their music.

20170826_200739 copy
Brian Broussard, Cowboy Mouth’s bass guitarist, before the Navy Pier concert.

Where is the band from?


Formed in the 1990’s, Cowboy Mouth is proudly from New Orleans, Louisiana. They often refer to New Orleans multiple times throughout their shows, as they did at the concert I attended.

20170826_213103 copy
Brian Broussard, bassist, and Matt Jones, guitarist, rocking the stage at Navy Pier.

Some significant accomplishments of the band?


Cowboy Mouth is well known for their high-energy, entertaining live shows, which incorporate a lot of crowd involvement. So far, according to their website, Cowboy Mouth has had over 2,500 concerts.

20170826_210552 copy
Cowboy Mouth fans at Navy Pier hold up red plastic spoons for the song “Everybody Loves Jill.”

Names of a few popular songs?


A couple of their songs include “Jenny Says” and “Everybody Loves Jill” (during which the audience throws red plastic spoons at LeBlanc). To listen to some of their songs, you can click on the links found at the end of this article.

20170826_213055 copy
Younger audience members at the Navy Pier concert got to go onstage and try out the drums.

What makes Cowboy Mouth so unique?


The level of crowd engagement is what makes this band really entertaining for fans. For example, at the concert I attended, they added some humorous commentary about a classy party that was going on upstairs in a nearby building at the time. LeBlanc suggested that when a song started, we all scream as loud as we could so the people at this party could hear us clearly.

Sometimes, LeBlanc will even pick out specific members of the audience. At the Navy Pier concert I attended, he called out some kids and they got to go up on stage with the band and play the drums during “Jenny Says.” This was really neat because it’s not often a band will interact with an audience that much. This no doubt created an awesome memory for the kids.

A longstanding tradition during a Cowboy Mouth concert, the audience throws red plastic spoons at LeBlanc while John Thomas Griffith sings “Everybody Loves Jill.” After you listen to the song, you will know why. Also, at the Navy Pier concert, LeBlanc had a bunch of drumsticks next to the drums and he will throw these for the audience to catch several times.

And, of course, LeBlanc repeatedly calls out the famous question that every Cowboy Mouth fan everywhere knows the answer to: The name of the band is…? Cowboy Mouth! Often this is said several times in a row, like a chant.

Most importantly, Cowboy Mouth is one of those bands that brings people together. At their concerts, people can just let loose and have a good time. This is reflected in the band’s song choices, such as the unexpected inclusion of selections that everyone knows, like “Amazing Grace” and “You Are My Sunshine”, both of which were performed at the concert I attended. Their great song “I Believe” also really exemplifies this concept of bringing people together.

The concert was a fantastic, moving experience and I would highly recommend seeing them.

To hear some of Cowboy Mouth’s music, feel free to click on the following links:

“Jenny Says”:


“Everybody Loves Jill”:

“I Believe”:

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