College Night Coming Up at QC Campus– Quick Facts You Need to Know!

Students attend College Night. Image courtesy of Black Hawk College.

Get ready for Black Hawk College’s 46th annual College Night!

College Night is a free event at the Quad Cities campus that will take place on Thursday, September 28 from 5-7 p.m. in the gym in Building 3. Students will have the opportunity to speak individually with representatives from a host of public and private colleges and universities.

According to Gabriella Hurtado, Recruitment Coordinator for Black Hawk College and host of the event, College Night is one of the largest events on campus. Looking back at the past few years, this event has averaged around 400-500 students. If you are a student who plans to transfer, if you are undecided, or if you would like more information about other colleges or universities, College Night is for you.


How many schools will be there?


According to Hurtado, there are 75 schools that have signed up for College Night so far. Schools invited include both four-year institutions and technical schools. For a full list of schools attending College Night, please visit this page. Since so many colleges are gathered in one place, this event is perfect for busy students who may not be able to go far away to visit all the schools they are interested in.

Additionally, if you are looking for tips on how to manage your finances, financial representatives will also be attending this event. “If students are looking for student loan options, if they’re looking to open up their own checking or banking account, we invite a few different financial institutions,” says Hurtado.

Also attending are the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) who specialize in financial aid, as well as Career Cruising, and Quad Cities Career Connections, who assist students in their career search and help students complete job-shadowing experiences.

About seven to eight Black Hawk College departments will be attending so far, such as Engineering Technology, and Nursing.


What kind of information can I gain from this event?


“It’s a nice opportunity for students to get information about the admissions process, especially if they’re transferring,” says Hurtado. “They can talk about scholarships, they can get on mailing lists for some of those schools.”

Even if you know exactly which school you want to attend, College Night is a great opportunity to learn more essential information about that school. “Get on the mailing lists,” Hurtado encourages students. “Fill out the inquiry cards that a lot of the reps have, so that way you can start receiving notifications about when you should be applying as a transfer student, scholarships, things like that.”

Additionally, if you are undecided in what field you want to major in, this event is an excellent way to explore the programs that different colleges offer.


Should I bring anything with me?


Representatives from Black Hawk College will be at the event to help students organize common questions they may have. They will hand out a list with some typical questions to have on hand during the event. These lists include tips on how to approach a representative of a school you are interested in.

Students are also given a paper listing the colleges and which row they’re located in before they walk into the gym. “They can start highlighting the top schools that they want to go to,” says Hurtado.

Students are welcome to bring family members or friends with them.

Also, Whitey’s popsicles will be available for students to enjoy on their way out of the event.

Author: Elodie R. Bouwens

I am currently in my second year at Black Hawk College. I'm a 2016 graduate of Geneseo High School. Besides writing, I love to walk long distance (goal is 20+ miles), bake, watch The Walking Dead, and read. I absolutely love to write, and I'm excited to write for the Chieftain. If you have any ideas for a topic or story, feel free to contact me at