Highlights from the Event: Conversation On Movies

Students discuss film at the first monthly Conversation Event for October in the Restaurant in Building 4, Hawk’s Nest.

The first Conversation Event for the month of October, sponsored by the Christian Conversation Club, included loads of interesting discussion about students’ favorite movies and why they appreciate them. One topic was whether the students attending prefered movies with a lot of action or movies that are more dramatic, with a heavy focus on character, or those with a little of each. In addition, there were some great conversations about how the films discussed (and films in general) make an impact on our lives. 

Black Hawk College student Forrest Bezotte discussed some of his favorite films. Image courtesy of Logan Raschke.

The event also featured an exciting game of Kahoot. Kahoot is a trivia game that can be projected on a screen. To play Kahoot, students can use their phones to click the right answer out of four choices and their answers will be projected on the screen. Points are collected for each round and whoever gets the most answers correct wins. For this event, the group answered trivia questions about movies and the winner received a Best Buy gift card.

Students get ready to play Kahoot. Image courtesy of Logan Raschke.

The event concluded with a 50/50 raffle.

Students Hunter Peterson and Ashley Hanson preparing the 50/50 raffle.

Conversation Events are held by the Christian Conversation Club at least once a month in Building 4, Hawk’s Nest. There is a new discussion topic for every event. Dates for upcoming events will be posted in the Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/341219012576636. Advertisements can also be found around the college before each event. This year, the club plans to hold Conversation Events twice a month if possible.


Upcoming Event for October:


Found on Nerdist.

Get ready for Halloween!

The next Conversation Event will be October 25, from 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.. The topic will be: “The Meaning of Fear”. There may be a costume contest (conservatively dressed, please!) for this event.

Author: Elodie R. Bouwens

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