Richard Morthland of BHC Running for Lieutenant Governor

According to the WQAD News Team, Richard Morthland was “astonished” when State Representative Jeanne Ives formally requested that he run for Lieutenant Governor. Mr. Morthland teaches speech at Black Hawk College and currently holds a seat on the Rock Island County Board. He’s also a former Republican Member of the Illinois General Assembly. Richard Morthland and State Rep. Jeanne Ives will be running against Governor Bruce Rauner, a fellow Republican.

After getting the call from Ives, Morthland was hesitant to run alongside her. In an interview with Mr. Morthland conducted by WQAD News, he revealed that part of him was unsure if running against Rauner would be the right thing to do. However, after some deliberation, he came to the conclusion that running for Lieutenant Governor against Rauner was completely necessary. Morthland stated in his interview that “We can’t let […] somebody [who] is filthy rich and frankly quite out of touch with the regular citizens of this state be the person who holds office… We can’t let money be the answer.”

Illinois has had a very poor run with governors and, according to Mr. Morthland, Bruce Rauner hasn’t been much help. Considering how important agriculture is to the Quad Cities and Illinois as a whole, Morthland, being a farmer himself, would be very beneficial to the farming industry as Lieutenant Governor.

Author: Logan Raschke

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