NWHL causes stir in women’s hockey and hockey world

Womens hockey is seeing another addition in the form of the re-incarnated National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL). The NWHL will begin playing in October 2015, with four teams being located in Buffalo, NY, Boston, MA, Long Island, NY, and Stamford, CT. Continue reading “NWHL causes stir in women’s hockey and hockey world”

Mallards sink and soar during the final playoff stretch

The Mallards’ wings seemed to be clipped in the beginning of March, as their season-long eight game homestand saw only three victories for the home team. However, they then began a three game winning streak.
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Smoke-Free Campus is no laughing matter

Soon, BHC students will no longer be allowed to smoke on campus without facing consequences. On April Fool’s Day Chief of Police Shawn Cisna and Dean of Students Luis Moreno met with a few faculty members and the Student Life Council in the SLC office to discuss implementation of the new law – but this wasn’t a joke.

In 2014 the Illinois Smoke­free Campus law was passed. Chief Cisna said that before fines are levied there will be disciplinary action, as the college doesn’t seek to make money off the new regulation. There will also be workshops to assist in quitting smoking, according to Counselor Wendy Bock.

Signs will be posted around campus to remind students to kick the habit, not the can.

This law will go into affect as of July 1, 2015.

Model Stranger Grunge

Soundcheck! Who’s got a hat for tips? Where’s the band? Model Stranger began their Imitation Act Tour in the Quad Cities, kicking off their ten-stop tour on the River Music Experience Community at Falbo Bros Pizzeria in Davenport. While it was a small crowd, the people were happy to see the band on Feb. 19. Continue reading “Model Stranger Grunge”

Mallards consistently inconsistent down the stretch

February saw the Mallards be consistently inconsistent throughout the month, playing well one day and then performing poorly the next. This was perhaps most evident during their trip to Brampton Feb. 20-23.

On Feb. 11, the Mallards beat the Missouri Mavericks 3-2 in a comeback win, goals coming from Anthony Collins (Matt Duffy, Mario Lamoureux), Jeff Lee (Nicolas Rioux, Kevin Baker), and Lamoureux (Duffy, Nick Grasso). Continue reading “Mallards consistently inconsistent down the stretch”

Les Miserables at Circa’21

Circa’21 is currently showing Les Miserables, the fifth-longest running Broadway show.

Les Miserables, or as it’s commonly abbreviated, Les Mis, is a sweeping epic set in post-revolutionary France. Continue reading “Les Miserables at Circa’21”

The Flock has rollercoaster winter months behind

For those who don’t remember, the Mallards had been on a losing streak at the end of November.

The Flock ended their six game losing streak on Dec. 6 against the Rush, Logan Nelson, Joe Perry, and Nick Grasso all netting goals in the 3-2 shootout victory. Perry (Mike Monfredo, Pearce Eviston) and Justin Fox (Darren McMillan, Mario Lamoureux) scored in regulation for the Mallards that night. Continue reading “The Flock has rollercoaster winter months behind”