Religious leaders make first place appearance at BHC costume Contest

The Student Life Office at Black Hawk College does a great job of putting together events and bringing students together. The Halloween costume contest was no exception to this reputation as it was filled with clever and creative costumes. From Tony Soprano to Freddy Kruger, it was all around good fun at the costume contest. The winners of the contest were basketball players dressed up as Religious leaders. Continue reading “Religious leaders make first place appearance at BHC costume Contest”

Falling into Ferguson at the symposium

This year’s fall symposium was a very informative and important forum where professors from Black Hawk College discussed the knowledge they have about certain news stories.

Sarah Morrison, who is a professor of sociology at Black Hawk College, gave a presentation on her understanding of what is happening in Ferguson. Michael Brown, who was 17 years old at the time of his death, was walking down a street with one of his friends when a police officer approached the young men. Continue reading “Falling into Ferguson at the symposium”

No money for more sports at BHC

Black Hawk College is a great community college that offers not only traditional Associates Degrees and career training, but also athletic. Black Hawk College currently offers six sports to compete in. In the fall, BHC offers volleyball, the first season of golf, and both men’s and women’s basketball starts. In the spring semester, Black Hawk College offers a second season of golf, both men’s and women’s basketball continues, and they offer baseball and softball. Continue reading “No money for more sports at BHC”

Subway eats the competition at BHC

Subway is number one when it comes to supplying sub sandwich shops that provide a quality product and they get big time athletes and celebrities to market their food. Subway’s slogan promotes fit and healthy meals that aren’t as bad for you as many other fast food chains. Black Hawk College has been home to a Subway Restaurant since the contract was signed in August 2011, when subway struck a sneaky deal that would become a great business idea, but we should make room for other fast food chains to set up shop at BHC. Continue reading “Subway eats the competition at BHC”

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly for Women’s Volleyball

The Black Hawk College Women’s Volleyball team has had their ups and downs this season as they are working towards earning a trip to the National Junior College Volleyball Tournament in November. Continue reading “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly for Women’s Volleyball”

BHC Hosts Colleges, Military

Sounds of excitement and young intriguing minds filled the hallways as you came up the stairs to the third floor of building 3. The gymnasium was filled with young students looking to make a career or education choice after their high school graduation. Representatives from many college and universities were the main feature at College Night, as well as the United States Military, which Black Hawk College hosted on Sept. 27. Continue reading “BHC Hosts Colleges, Military”

History Made in College Football

For those of you who love College Football, get ready for an interesting twist.

This season will showcase the first ever playoff in College Football history. The top four ranked teams in college football will battle it out in a four-team playoff format with the top two teams battling for the National Championship. There will still be a buffet of bowl games at the end of the season. Continue reading “History Made in College Football”