From viewing to doing

You are a college student. You may not realize this but there are some nice perks that come along with that student ID. Today we will just be focusing on what you may be missing out on at the Figge in downtown Davenport. If you have never heard of the place, the Figge is an art museum. The Figge contains some of the more interesting pieces you will ever see, and it is practically sitting at your back door. Did I mention that if you have a college ID you get admission for free?

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As you wish my Princess Bride

One movie sticks out through my childhood – one that brings my brothers and me together even when we are in the worst fight. What is this miracle movie called you may ask. The answer: The Princess Bride. Even though I love this movie the book is even better. Continue reading “As you wish my Princess Bride”

Insurgent killed the book

As a fan of the Divergent novel trilogy I was excited when the movies started to come out. The first movie, Divergent, had some slight deviations from the book that I could live with. However I have some strong concerns about the second installment entitled Insurgent. Continue reading “Insurgent killed the book”

Insurgent will throw you for a loop

With Insurgent coming to theaters in a matter of days, some students are scrambling to get their hands on a copy of the book to see what’s in store.

I would be scrambling myself if I hadn’t plowed through it shortly after finishing the first book, Divergent. If you are on the fence about reading the book, let me put my two cents in and see if that helps you make your decision. Continue reading “Insurgent will throw you for a loop”

In the Hawk’s Nest with Chloe

Spring break is swiftly approaching so this month the question I posed to my fellow students in the Hawk’s Nest is “What are you doing over spring break?” I got a lot of good responses and here are a few of the ones that stuck out to me the most: Continue reading “In the Hawk’s Nest with Chloe”

Perception, life, and a dollhouse

Do you pass by the art gallery and wonder, “What’s with all the metal hanging on the wall?” Well it is none other than an art exhibit featuring the works of Terry Rathje. Some of his works that are being displayed are flattened, while others have a more three dimensional structure. Continue reading “Perception, life, and a dollhouse”

In the Hawk’s Nest w/Chloe

What is Valentine’s Day to you? Is it the best time to show your romantic side? Is it over commercialized garbage, or just another day of the year? Continue reading “In the Hawk’s Nest w/Chloe”