Awards, Helpful Advice, and More at the 2018 ICCJA Writer’s Workshop

Written by Elodie Bouwens, Logan Raschke, & Hannah Rose Showalter.

On April 5th and 6th, Elodie Bouwens and current writers for The Chieftain Logan Raschke and Hannah Rose Showalter had the privilege of attending the ICCJA Writer’s Workshop down in much warmer and sunnier Springfield, IL. During this two-day program at Lincoln Land Community College, everyone had the honor of listening to great speakers educated in the field of journalism. Some of the speakers included professors and alumni of the community college, current instructors at other universities, and other experienced and well-respected journalists.  Continue reading “Awards, Helpful Advice, and More at the 2018 ICCJA Writer’s Workshop”

The Importance Of “Love, Simon”

Written by Hannah Rose Showalter.

“My name’s Simon and I’m just like you, except I have one huge… secret. Nobody knows I’m gay.”

For most movie-goers, this might be the first time they’ve heard a sentence like that spoken in a movie. Not spoken as an insult, or the punchline to a joke, but spoken as a normal, everyday part of life. Continue reading “The Importance Of “Love, Simon””

Voices Sing At Black Hawk College

Written by Christopher Rannow

If you stroll through the halls of Black Hawk College this week, you may hear some faint, beautiful singing. Don’t worry, it isn’t another student playing his or her music too loudly; it’s the Black Hawk Chamber Singers–an a cappella group led by Jon Palomaki, Professor of Music at Black Hawk College. The Black Hawk Chamber Singers is a class (Music 109) offered at the college. Members are chosen only after auditioning. Continue reading “Voices Sing At Black Hawk College”

Here’s What You Can do to Celebrate Women’s History Month

Written by Hannah Rose Showalter

March hasn’t always been Women’s History Month. The national holiday was first brought to life in the school district of Sonoma, California in 1978. It was born out of a week-long celebration put on by the school district, with the purpose of celebrating the role of women in our culture. Jimmy Carter then declared that week as National Women’s History Week, and six years later, after much petitioning by the National Women’s History Project, Congress declared the month of March as Women’s History Month. Continue reading “Here’s What You Can do to Celebrate Women’s History Month”

Retirement on Horizon for BHC President

By Ray Castellano

Black Hawk College will transition into a new era when Doctor Bettie Truitt retires from her position as the college’s president on January 1st, 2018.

Truitt was hired as a mathematics instructor  two weeks prior to completing her Master’s Degree at Iowa State University in 1989.  She earned her Ph.D. from the University of Iowa while teaching full time at Black Hawk College in 1998.  She would go on to work with the Higher Learning Commission, after six years of working on her Ph.D., while continuing her career in an administrative position.  She was named intern president at Black Hawk College in 2014.  She became the sixteenth President of Black Hawk College the following year.
Continue reading “Retirement on Horizon for BHC President”

Film History Lives Vibrantly at BHC

By Ray Castellano      

Black Hawk College’s best kept secret can be discovered in Building 3 on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Room 310.

Tom Vaccaro is Black Hawk College’s lone instructor for TV 212, History of Motion Pictures.  Leading students through the cultural history of film, however, only slightly factors into how this man enriches Black Hawk College.  Continue reading “Film History Lives Vibrantly at BHC”

Red Flags Raise Awareness


Photo courtesy of Matthew Hayes

Tanner Rowe

On Tuesday April 25th, red flags were put in the ground outside of building 1 in order to raise awareness about dating violence. The program known as “The Red Flag Campaign” got its start in 2005, and their goal was to “create the first statewide awareness and education campaign designed specifically to address dating violence among students on Virginia’s college and university campuses,” this according to the campaign’s website.

At the time of the campaign’s launch they were only able to spread awareness at 10 college campuses throughout the state of Virginia. To this day the campaign has made its way to hundreds of college campuses across the United States, and was even able to make a stop at Black Hawk College.

It is said that 1 and 5 college students will experience dating violence.

Jeff Schwankie, a sophomore at Black Hawk, said “This really isn’t something I had ever thought about until today. It’s crazy to think about because there is probably a lot of people affected here on campus, but it’s not something that people really talk about.”

While spreading awareness may not put an end to relationship violence, it can help to put it under the microscope. The main focus is to not be afraid to speak out against relationship violence and to encourage victims to tell a friend, a parent, or authorities, so that it can ultimately be put to a stop.

For more information on relationship violence and how you can help spread awareness, visit

photo courtesy of Matthew Hayes