“I’m going to Disney World!”

Black Hawk College was the first community college to participate in Disney’s College Intern Program twelve years ago. Since then, Bruce Storey, from Career Services in Building 1, has helped nearly 140 students make their way through to the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’.
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Navigating election season: Political advice from a political novice

A new President will be elected a year from now. If you are like me, the idea of performing your civic duty by voting leaves a knot in the pit of your stomach. Not because you don’t want to be a good citizen, but because understanding the myriad of issues through the extensive candidate-to-candidate tongue-lashings can be a bit difficult to navigate through. Continue reading “Navigating election season: Political advice from a political novice”

Honor society truths

“Hey Ashely, Have you heard anything about this Phi, Theta, Kappa, something or other?”

“O.M.G. Kristina, isn’t that some type of sorority?”

“I’m not sure. I got this invitation to become a member, but there’s a fee to join. I’m not sure this is legit. What do you think?”

Perhaps you received an invitation to join Phi Theta Kappa like Kristina but didn’t respond thinking it was a scam. It’s time to set the record straight. Continue reading “Honor society truths”

Triumph overcomes tragedy in Oregon

“That will never happen here!”

oregon-shooting-victims ktla dot comIt’s easy to find comfort in that statement when you are more than 2000 miles away from a crisis. But we can no longer hide behind such a disguise. Being from a smaller school or a family-like environment or even a close-knit community – it’s not enough. They were not exempt. We are not exempt. Continue reading “Triumph overcomes tragedy in Oregon”

Tell it to the Chief!

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Baby hearts, livers, and lungs – oh, my!

“The reduction of any human being, man, woman, or child, to a commodity, or to only the commercial sum of their parts, is offensive to the public and contrary to our foundational values as people.” Continue reading “Baby hearts, livers, and lungs – oh, my!”

How YOU can be a part of this student publication

There are many ways that student voices can be heard. One is to speak up through this paper. A new feature to begin in September will be a “Speak-Out” section where any student can comment on any topic they want. This can be a controversial issue, class related, college related, world issues, sports, and even comments about articles printed in the Chieftain. Continue reading “How YOU can be a part of this student publication”