Found in Translation: The Coalition of Chinese Culture and Mixed Media

Black Hawk College’s most recent exhibition is “Found in Translation” by Peter Xiao, art professor at Augustana College in Rock Island. In Xiao’s exhibit, both the use of mixed media–an art form in which more than one medium is applied, and characters commonly found in Chinese calligraphy coalesce into a very culturally comparative, eye-catching art collection. Continue reading “Found in Translation: The Coalition of Chinese Culture and Mixed Media”

“Maize”–An Interactive Art Piece with an Inspiring Message

If you’re in Davenport and looking for something fun to do with friends and family, head over to the Figge Art Museum sometime this week. The Figge’s most recent special exhibit is Jean Shin’s Maize, located on the third floor of the museum.

What Shin did with the help of hundreds of volunteers from the Quad City area was construct a three-dimensional maze made entirely of repurposed plastic bottles. You can actually walk through the maze and inspect the hard work put into reconstructing thousands of recycled plastic bottles close up. Viewing the piece in person is really amazing. It makes you feel proud to be part of the Quad City community. Continue reading ““Maize”–An Interactive Art Piece with an Inspiring Message”

The Emoji Movie: Sell-Out of The Century



That’s right. It really happened. Sony pictures made an animated movie about emojis. If you’ve been scrounging the internet in search of saucy reviews, odds are you know by now that The Emoji Movie is bad. Really bad. In fact, so bad that it’s one of the lowest rated movies on sites like IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, despite its 50-some million-dollar budget. I mean, for crying out loud, it’s a movie about emojis. How good can it be? Despite the negative criticism, the movie actually made a decent profit. It’s hard to believe that a movie about emojis could manage to round up hundreds of millions of dollars, but it did. After watching the movie myself, I can honestly say that it deserves the ⅕ stars, 2/10 stars, and measly 5% and 12%’s it’s been getting from critics around the world. Let’s take a minute to analyze the awfulness that is The Emoji Movie, as well as its undeniable success. Continue reading “The Emoji Movie: Sell-Out of The Century”

Keys to a Healthy Lifestyle

Sometimes it’s difficult to reach our fitness goals. The obstacles that stand in the way are often a little overbearing. For college students, living a healthy life can be even more challenging. A full-time college student’s school and work schedule can easily get in the way of starting a new workout plan. Additionally, eating out at fast food restaurants to save time is often seen as an only option for students on the go.

Kimber Mundt, a freshman at Black Hawk College, has discovered the keys to living a healthy life despite the baggage of college living. Although her schedule is busy, just like the rest of ours, she has found a successful way to balance school, work, and a healthy lifestyle. Here are her tips. Continue reading “Keys to a Healthy Lifestyle”

Follow Your Dreams: See all around the country… from your own window!

Do you love to travel?

Do you love to travel so much you would be willing to make the road your home? Larry and Barb Walters of Geneseo, Illinois will be living the ultimate adventure when they take off in their fifth wheel RV this September to live on the road full-time. For many years, it has been the Walters’ dream to live full-time in a beautiful RV, doing what they love most: seeing the gorgeous country, meeting new people, and finding a new adventure at every turn. Continue reading “Follow Your Dreams: See all around the country… from your own window!”

Red Flags Raise Awareness


Photo courtesy of Matthew Hayes

Tanner Rowe

On Tuesday April 25th, red flags were put in the ground outside of building 1 in order to raise awareness about dating violence. The program known as “The Red Flag Campaign” got its start in 2005, and their goal was to “create the first statewide awareness and education campaign designed specifically to address dating violence among students on Virginia’s college and university campuses,” this according to the campaign’s website.

At the time of the campaign’s launch they were only able to spread awareness at 10 college campuses throughout the state of Virginia. To this day the campaign has made its way to hundreds of college campuses across the United States, and was even able to make a stop at Black Hawk College.

It is said that 1 and 5 college students will experience dating violence.

Jeff Schwankie, a sophomore at Black Hawk, said “This really isn’t something I had ever thought about until today. It’s crazy to think about because there is probably a lot of people affected here on campus, but it’s not something that people really talk about.”

While spreading awareness may not put an end to relationship violence, it can help to put it under the microscope. The main focus is to not be afraid to speak out against relationship violence and to encourage victims to tell a friend, a parent, or authorities, so that it can ultimately be put to a stop.

For more information on relationship violence and how you can help spread awareness, visit

photo courtesy of Matthew Hayes

No vacant seat at miguel zenón performance


The jazzy melodies of Miguel Zenón, a renowned saxophonist, teacher, and composer, swept through the halls of Building 4 on February 24th.

This traveling artist did not perform alone; accompanied by Luis Perdomo on piano, Jorge Roeder on base, and Henry Cole on drums, the quartet entertained the overflowing classroom of faculty and students.

Two selections were performed, the first “Ciclo” and the second, an impressive piece with a meter of 11/8, “Academia.”

Born in Puerto Rico, Zenón began practicing the saxophone at age eleven. For twenty years, he’s been most comfortable playing with his own instrument, an alto Mark VI.

At the end of the session, the crowd was encouraged to ask the band members questions; one of the last inquiries made by a student was over how much of their performances are improvised.

“I had a harmonic concept that I wanted to use and a rhythmic concept I wanted to use,” confirmed Zenón. “Most of it, about ninety percent, of it is improvised. What they’re playing, the solos, every time they’re kind of different and fresh.”

The former Grammy nominated artist was a noteworthy and exceptional spectacle for any student with an ear for music.

down the hall, to the left: I’m not staring, I’m a social scientist


Image courtesy of Horner-Brackett

The human species has evolved for millions of years, from the Sahelanthropus tchadensis and the Australopithecus afarensis, to the Homo habilis, Homo erectus, and Neanderthals. Without these wonderful people, we wouldn’t have you, and we wouldn’t have Professor Rachael Horner-Brackett. Continue reading “down the hall, to the left: I’m not staring, I’m a social scientist”