A River Runs Beside It

The Mills at Riverbend Commons, located aWP_20141120_10_06_24_Prot 2900, River Drive in Moline, opened to residents this year just in time for fall semester. Its desirable amenities, beautiful location, and reasonable rates make it ideal for college students throughout the Quad Cities. Rob Anderson, Community Director for The Mills, is excited to invite Black Hawk College students and is planning an Open House (date to be determined) with free tours, refreshments, and information for new tenants. Continue reading “A River Runs Beside It”

LSD/Psilocybin Medical: Should we rethink drug legalization?

At the Department of Public Health in Springfield, Illinois, officials are still sorting through medical marijuana applications that have arrived since Nov. 1, the first day to apply for all Illinois residents with last names beginning with M through Z. Illinois has joined 22 other states that have legalized cannabis for medical or recreational use, making it evident that public opinion has greatly shifted over the years. Continue reading “LSD/Psilocybin Medical: Should we rethink drug legalization?”

Presidential Concerns on Net Neutrality

Rock the Vote is a non-profit and non-partisan organization dedicated to getting young adults into voting booths— and with very good reason. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there were nearly 72 million Americans aged 18-35 in 2010, a year when the election was decided by just 82 million voters. Continue reading “Presidential Concerns on Net Neutrality”

How Does Santa Come in Without a Chimney? — Christmas Traditions and Where They Came From

This holiday season, millions of American families will be partaking in their annual Christmas traditions. These traditions are passed down from generation to generation and their symbolism and purpose is often lost as the years pass. Here are three of the most common and ancient Christmas traditions that are hardly ever thought twice about. Continue reading “How Does Santa Come in Without a Chimney? — Christmas Traditions and Where They Came From”

Internet Inspiration

I hate to state the obvious here, but the Internet truly has an impact on nearly every aspect of our daily lives, and students at Black Hawk College have found a rather unique way to use the Internet, from pursuing a lifelong dream to helping people maintain a healthy lifestyle. Continue reading “Internet Inspiration”

Fury in Ferguson

Chaos has consumed the town of Ferguson ever since the verdict came down from the jury on Nov 24 not to indict Officer Darren Wilson for the murder of Michael Brown. Violence that erupted throughout the town of Ferguson left a haze of smoke in its wake the following morning. Continue reading “Fury in Ferguson”

Good Eats at Christmastime! Yum, Cornflake Cookies

cookies_7483c      Christmas has always been my favorite time of year. Part of that is the fond memories I have of baking Christmas cookies with my mom and sisters every year. Many times we used family recipes that were passed down from my grandma.

This year I’d like to share a bit of that nostalgia with all of the readers of the Chieftain. Continue reading “Good Eats at Christmastime! Yum, Cornflake Cookies”

Pet Me, Then Adopt Me

The fluffy fat feline’s bright blue eyes looked me up and down through the glass door. He sat patiently at the door just waiting. The other cats are sleeping in their beds, paying no attention. Continue reading “Pet Me, Then Adopt Me”