Pet Me, Then Adopt Me

The fluffy fat feline’s bright blue eyes looked me up and down through the glass door. He sat patiently at the door just waiting. The other cats are sleeping in their beds, paying no attention. Continue reading “Pet Me, Then Adopt Me”

BHC’s League of Social Scientists Host Event to Help the Homeless

Seven hundred homeless individuals will die from hypothermia this winter. This is why Black Hawk College’s social sciences club, “The League of Social Scientists,” chose to host an event to try and help those out on the street keep warm this winter, and have access to some small every-day necessities. Continue reading “BHC’s League of Social Scientists Host Event to Help the Homeless”

Reporting for the Chieftain

I signed up for the fall semester class called Newspaper Production not knowing what to expect. Surprisingly, it opened me up to a whirlwind of writing and deadlines and bylines – oh, my! – and I wouldn’t change a thing! It has been a wonderful learning experience that has helped hone my editing, researching, and writing skills, as well as provided opportunities to attend additional workshop training at other colleges. Continue reading “Reporting for the Chieftain”

Stache Bash Makes A Splash

BHC students gathered in the Hawk’s Nest to celebrate Movember and raise awareness for men’s cancer with games, music, and a mustache competition. Continue reading “Stache Bash Makes A Splash”

Thankful for Thanksgiving and so much more

Student Life packed the Hawk’s Nest for another successful – and delicious – Thanksgiving Feast. Hy-Vee catered the event, serving up turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans, and of course, pumpkin pie. Staff and faculty donated baskets for a silent auction that was held, with proceeds going to United Way. Students waiting in line had an opportunity to view items in the baskets, write down their bids, and hope, with a thankful heart, to be the highest bidder. Continue reading “Thankful for Thanksgiving and so much more”

Religious leaders make first place appearance at BHC costume Contest

The Student Life Office at Black Hawk College does a great job of putting together events and bringing students together. The Halloween costume contest was no exception to this reputation as it was filled with clever and creative costumes. From Tony Soprano to Freddy Kruger, it was all around good fun at the costume contest. The winners of the contest were basketball players dressed up as Religious leaders. Continue reading “Religious leaders make first place appearance at BHC costume Contest”

Life is worth living longer

“I will give no deadly medicine to any one if asked, nor suggest any such counsel.” This phrase is from the original Hippocratic Oath. At what point among humanity, then, did it become acceptable to play God and decide when life no longer had value? When did it become appropriate to comply with the request of a sick patient to provide a suicide pill? Continue reading “Life is worth living longer”