WIU student entrepreneur is nationally recognized for local achievement

Local 18 year-old Jasmine Babers is one of ten winners selected to win a USA Characters Unite Award. This is a regional award that is given to community members who do things to better their community such as promote greater tolerance, respect, and acceptance. Out of hundreds of nominees, only ten were chosen and among those ten, Jasmine was selected. Continue reading “WIU student entrepreneur is nationally recognized for local achievement”

Teachers ‘Get Down’ with Technology

Since technology is vastly growing in today’s society, it is important to incorporate technology in the classroom. More teachers are embracing tech savvy ways into their classrooms.

“It opens up many more options to reach learners,” says Dr. Traci Davis, who has been teaching Psychology for the past 12 years.

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Parliament Hill Shooting

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, a 32 year-old from Quebec, shot and killed ceremonial guard Corporal Nathan Cirillo on Oct. 22 before moving toward Parliament Hill’s Centre Block, where he was killed while exchanging gunfire with security. A video made by the shooter has been collected by police, in which he explains the motive for the shooting by saying it is an “action in the name of Allah and in response to Canadian foreign policy.” Continue reading “Parliament Hill Shooting”

Poutine – what it is and how you can enjoy it at home

Poutine is often considered a staple to many Quebecois, as it is found in McDonald’s across that one province of Canada and other national food chains from Newfoundland to Vancouver. It has also infiltrated the northern United States, and has recently become a Friday night staple for myself. But I must admit, buying it every week begins to be expensive, so I decided to try making it myself one night. It took a bit of research, but I eventually found a recipe that works. Continue reading “Poutine – what it is and how you can enjoy it at home”

No money for more sports at BHC

Black Hawk College is a great community college that offers not only traditional Associates Degrees and career training, but also athletic. Black Hawk College currently offers six sports to compete in. In the fall, BHC offers volleyball, the first season of golf, and both men’s and women’s basketball starts. In the spring semester, Black Hawk College offers a second season of golf, both men’s and women’s basketball continues, and they offer baseball and softball. Continue reading “No money for more sports at BHC”

Subway eats the competition at BHC

Subway is number one when it comes to supplying sub sandwich shops that provide a quality product and they get big time athletes and celebrities to market their food. Subway’s slogan promotes fit and healthy meals that aren’t as bad for you as many other fast food chains. Black Hawk College has been home to a Subway Restaurant since the contract was signed in August 2011, when subway struck a sneaky deal that would become a great business idea, but we should make room for other fast food chains to set up shop at BHC. Continue reading “Subway eats the competition at BHC”

Thanksquizzing: Are you prepared for Thanksgiving?

We have all been there. It is Thanksgiving Day and all you want to do is eat and then possibly take a nap. But before this can take place, you must answer hundreds of questions that are put forth by your extended family. They are like the answer seeking troll guarding the bridge that leads to the cranberry sauce. Here are two popular questions you will most likely hear this year and some answer suggestions to help move the night along. Continue reading “Thanksquizzing: Are you prepared for Thanksgiving?”