Surviving sans budget and the resulting trickle down effect

chump-moneyLearning to live on a budget is something that many college students need to adjust to sooner or later. For those who have mastered such a feat, Bravo! You are doing better than the State of Illinois.
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Terrorism becomes a hot topic in America once again

Following the devastating attack by ISIS in Paris, the U.S. presidential candidates have quarreled over their opinions on terrorism and what action the United States should take concerning Syria and other middle-eastern countries. Continue reading “Terrorism becomes a hot topic in America once again”

Gabbing with Grunt

Grandpa wished for ANOTHER Farm & Fleet gift card for Christmas…

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been listening to Christmas music since October, have already planned out exactly how you want your Christmas tree to look this year, and are already calling people “ya filthy animal.”
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Good Eats! Easy, tasty Almond Bark

It’s that time of year again folks, and for the Holiday season I chose something that takes A LOT of skill—to mess up.
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Pray for Mizzou

cq5dam.web.1280.1280A series of protests at the University of Missouri related to race, workplace benefits and leadership resulted in the resignation of the president of the University of Missouri System and the chancellor of the flagship Columbia campus. The moves came after a series of events which included a hunger strike by a student and a boycott by the football team.
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What did you discover?

Discovery was the topic of the symposium this year, some professors drawing different meanings from the word. Large crowds were at the lectures for both of those topics. Attendance was possibly bolstered by mandatory attendance imposed by professors, as sign-in sheets littered the table by the main entrance to the BHC Auditorium.
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Minimester monster

Classes for this up and coming minimester begin on December 14th. However, there is a second minimester this winter that begins on December 28th, for online classes only.
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Finals survival 101

final.exam_Finals week seems to arrive earlier and earlier each year. This semester, finals begin on Dec. 7. How do you survive the week of all-nighters, caffeine runs, and brain-mushifying tests? (I wish I knew how to solve the last one, but…) By listening to my advice you’ll manage to make it through Finals Week.
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