How YOU can be a part of this student publication

There are many ways that student voices can be heard. One is to speak up through this paper. A new feature to begin in September will be a “Speak-Out” section where any student can comment on any topic they want. This can be a controversial issue, class related, college related, world issues, sports, and even comments about articles printed in the Chieftain. Continue reading “How YOU can be a part of this student publication”

More than “Just-a”

Recently I came across this blog post from another college that I wanted to share with readers of the Chieftain. I hope you find it inspiring as I did.

“Earlier this year at a non-profit event, I was asked what I did for the organization, and my response was, “Oh no, I’m just a volunteer.” To my surprise, the inquirer leaned in close and sternly, but genuinely, told me to never say I was “just” a volunteer. I took that to heart. Continue reading “More than “Just-a””

State act declares smoke-free campus

Spring 2015 semester introduced students and staff to the expectation of a smoke-free and tobacco free campus. This took effect over the summer on July 1, 2015. While this was not well received by many students, it is a law that must be enforced.

Keep in mind that this law was not at the hands of Black Hawk College, its president, board members, trustees or student leaders. Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed Senate Bill 2202, the Smoke-free Campus Act, in August, 2014. Now it is up to all state-supported colleges to put necessary measures in place aiding students with this transition.

Continue reading “State act declares smoke-free campus”

Oh, the places you’ll know

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Finding and making the most of campus resources

If you are registered and attending classes right now, hopefully you are already familiar with departments like Advising, Hawk’s Hub (bookstore), Financial Aid, and the Bursar’s office, as well as TRiO and Transfer student programs. But what else is there?

Former students have unfortunately reported attending and graduating from a complete 2-year Associate’s Degree Program without ever knowing about or making use of some of the many free services available to Black Hawk College students.

The first must-know place is The Hawk’s Nest, located on the 2nd Floor of building 4. It is a fun, relaxing center for students to play games, meet group or club members, eat lunch, form study groups, and much more. Subway restaurant is located up there, serving breakfast and lunch daily. Continue reading “Oh, the places you’ll know”