Tell it to the Chief!

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Baby hearts, livers, and lungs – oh, my!

“The reduction of any human being, man, woman, or child, to a commodity, or to only the commercial sum of their parts, is offensive to the public and contrary to our foundational values as people.” Continue reading “Baby hearts, livers, and lungs – oh, my!”

Promoting the old and the new at activities fair

If you were anywhere near the East entrance of Building 1 on Thursday, August 27th, the first thing you would have smelled is popcorn. On the likely chance you followed your stomach (or happened to be wandering to or from your car), you would have encountered BHC’s Activities Kick-Off! Continue reading “Promoting the old and the new at activities fair”

Tourism in Brazil? Let’s Go!

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If you have heard about Brazil, I bet it was about soccer, jungle or Rio de Janeiro (samba and “caipirinha”, maybe!).  A lot of people say “soccer is our national passion” not exactly mine; Continue reading “Tourism in Brazil? Let’s Go!”

Gabbing with Grunt: Surviving your first year of college

romperxwhatsappIt’s hard to forget your first day of college – the uncertainty, the sense of maturity, the inexplicit need to wear sweatpants. You no longer have to ask permission to go to the bathroom. You no longer have to worry about being late because you can’t open your locker (everything you need is on your back). Continue reading “Gabbing with Grunt: Surviving your first year of college”

Kane under investigation

Star forward for the Chicago Blackhawks Patrick Kane currently faces rape allegations in the state of New York after accusations came to light on August 6. The alleged incident occurred in the early morning hours of Aug. 2 at Kane’s home in Hamburg, NY. Continue reading “Kane under investigation”

Mad moves at Blackhawks madhouse

duncan-keith-patrick-kane-jonathan-toews-nhl-anaheim-ducks-chicago-blackhawks FROM blackhawkup dot comThe Chicago Blackhawks had plenty to celebrate this past summer after winning their third Stanley Cup in six seasons, but the success has come with consequences. The Blackhawks had to make some heart breaking personnel decisions this off-season due to salary cap restrictions.

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Braves focused on successful season

golfFor over four decades, there’s been a certain standard in place for the Braves Golf Program and that standard is simply winning.
Overall as a program, the Braves have won nineteen Region IV Championships, and thirty Arrowhead Conference Championships.

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