“I’m going to Disney World!”

Black Hawk College was the first community college to participate in Disney’s College Intern Program twelve years ago. Since then, Bruce Storey, from Career Services in Building 1, has helped nearly 140 students make their way through to the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’.
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Hundreds of totes, one cause

Weeks of on-campus donations led by the League of Social Scientists, the Child Development Club, and the Student Leadership Council resulted in a presentation from SafePath Survivor Resources over the topic of domestic violence on October 30th. Continue reading “Hundreds of totes, one cause”

Navigating election season: Political advice from a political novice

A new President will be elected a year from now. If you are like me, the idea of performing your civic duty by voting leaves a knot in the pit of your stomach. Not because you don’t want to be a good citizen, but because understanding the myriad of issues through the extensive candidate-to-candidate tongue-lashings can be a bit difficult to navigate through. Continue reading “Navigating election season: Political advice from a political novice”

Gabbing with Grunt: What’s this free education you speak of?

The time to start applying for our next semester of classes is upon us, and with that, trying to figure out how the heck we’re going to pay for our education. While some students have scholarships and grants to support them, others may have to resort to loans, which at any age feels like lying on the ground and having someone shovel dirt on top of you. Continue reading “Gabbing with Grunt: What’s this free education you speak of?”

Good Eats! Bring on the carbs

I want to talk (gush) about pasta. Thank [insert deity of your choice] for pasta.

If you know how to make ramen using a stove top, you are 1/3 of the way there (finally using some of that math stuff they teach us).

Before I share the way of Americanized pasta, you need to ask yourself a few questions to see if you are qualified for this feat.

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Learn to speak English from the best

Free Adult Education Program at Black Hawk College offers high quality teaching

If you know some people from other countries, you can help them to study English at no cost if they qualify. The Adult Education Program at Black Hawk College helps more than 800 non-English speaking residents in a year’s time. Continue reading “Learn to speak English from the best”

Young talent sometimes works harder

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Iowa and St Louis’ prospects are proving their caliber for the Quad City Mallards. Of the 30 goals scored for the Mallards so far, 28 have been scored by someone who attended an American Hockey League (AHL) or National Hockey League (NHL) Training Camp this summer. The other two goals were scored by Vladimir Nikiforov, who has past AHL-experience.
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Fantasy sports – Chieftain style

Football season is here! Now for those of us students who can’t get enough fantasy football, here are some pointers.

Who to start: Although there have been a lot of key injuries this season, there are still some diamonds in the rough to be picked up and started for your fantasy team. Whether you are playing draft kings on fan duel, or just a league on NFL.com, we will offer some fantasy advice for your teams. Here is a top 7 list of who to start and, top 5 who to sit as the season progresses. Continue reading “Fantasy sports – Chieftain style”