The most important beauty concept: be happy!

When I received the suggestion to write about the differences in habits and types of “beauty” between women from Brazil and the United States, I was certain: we, the tropical country, we are more vain.

We like make-up, but we also like to match the color of the bag with the shoes, always be neat with magazine hair and high heals. However, I love the American style of comfortable clothes. Continue reading “The most important beauty concept: be happy!”

Stress Less: How Yoga can Help Physical and Mental Health

Although yoga has its origins in ancient India, its purpose is universal:to find peace and balance within your own life. Not only is yoga meant to be used as an exercise, but also as a type of therapy. Doing yoga regularly can help your physical strength as well as your mental strength. Some of the main benefits of yoga are; flexibility, strength, better breathing and balance. Continue reading “Stress Less: How Yoga can Help Physical and Mental Health”

AVON Calling… and the causes they support

When you hear that someone is selling AVON, I’m sure your mind goes to make-up or perfume. However, it might surprise you that AVON is Vitale_Microsite_Difference_Elevate_Bannermore than skin deep. It’s more than selling products to make you more beautiful. There’s actually a cause behind what they do.

Since 1955, the AVON Foundation for Women has helped improve the lives of women and their families through their Speak-Out Against Domestic Violence Program and the AVON Breast Cancer Crusade. The foundation also supports disaster relief when national and international emergencies occur. Continue reading “AVON Calling… and the causes they support”

Embracing your natural hair

Embracing your natural hair texture is not an easy task. Especially in a world where it is very difficult to find any representation of truly natural looks in the media. The truth about wearing your hair natural is that it is unpredictable. No matter what texture your hair is, there will always be something new about it every time you wash it. Continue reading “Embracing your natural hair”