Keys to a Healthy Lifestyle

Sometimes it’s difficult to reach our fitness goals. The obstacles that stand in the way are often a little overbearing. For college students, living a healthy life can be even more challenging. A full-time college student’s school and work schedule can easily get in the way of starting a new workout plan. Additionally, eating out at fast food restaurants to save time is often seen as an only option for students on the go.

Kimber Mundt, a freshman at Black Hawk College, has discovered the keys to living a healthy life despite the baggage of college living. Although her schedule is busy, just like the rest of ours, she has found a successful way to balance school, work, and a healthy lifestyle. Here are her tips. Continue reading “Keys to a Healthy Lifestyle”

Is the flu shot right for you?

It’s that favorite time of the year for our immune systems – flu shots.

Flu season is already upon us and if you haven’t noticed, stores are already displaying advertisements for flu immunizations. Continue reading “Is the flu shot right for you?”

Students armed with self-defense knowledge

You are walking to your car at night after some long hours of studying. It’s dark and there is a long walk to your car in the back of the parking lot. Such situations are not ideal but sometimes they are unavoidable.

Unfortunately, statistics show that one in four girls have been assaulted in college and that there are over 1800 cases of rape, sexual assault, or sexual abuse a day said Kevin Anderson a MMA fighter and brown belt who taught the self-defense class set up by the Student Life Office on March 5th. Continue reading “Students armed with self-defense knowledge”

Needles or Measles?

Measles, one of the leading causes of deaths in young children, has once again gained the spotlight. Since the outbreak at Disneyland, parents and vaccine critics alike have started to stir the pot to the debate that has lasted for centuries.
Should we vaccinate our children? Is there a chance the immunization could harm them? Continue reading “Needles or Measles?”

Stress Less: How Yoga can Help Physical and Mental Health

Although yoga has its origins in ancient India, its purpose is universal:to find peace and balance within your own life. Not only is yoga meant to be used as an exercise, but also as a type of therapy. Doing yoga regularly can help your physical strength as well as your mental strength. Some of the main benefits of yoga are; flexibility, strength, better breathing and balance. Continue reading “Stress Less: How Yoga can Help Physical and Mental Health”

Fall into wellness

The Student Wellness Club on the BHC campus is here to help promote wellness. They meet on the first Monday of each month at two p.m. on the second floor lobby in building 2. Everyone is welcome.

It was started in 2008 by an associate professor of biology, Dr. Xixuan Collins. “The purpose of the club is to improve the well-being of students,” Collins stated. “It promotes wellness, nutrition, being physically active, and relieving stress.” Continue reading “Fall into wellness”

Ebola: The what, when, and how

The Ebola virus began to spread throughout West Africa in March, infecting almost 6,000 people in Senegal, Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria.

Ebola is a virus first discovered in 1976 in the Congo and Sudan, transmitted from infected animals such as bats, monkeys, or gorillas through blood or bodily fluid to humans. There have been several outbreaks since 1976, but none as large as the current one. The last outbreak occurred from late 2000 to early 2001 and infected 425 people in Central Africa. Continue reading “Ebola: The what, when, and how”

“Sex+” Explores Campus Rape Issue

Laci Green, a young YouTuber who recently hit one million followers, visited Augustana College on Sept. 16 for her nation-wide tour of sexual education presentations. Green began her YouTube career in 2008 and has now posted over one hundred and fifty videos covering a multitude of sex and gender subjects. Continue reading ““Sex+” Explores Campus Rape Issue”