Comedy of the artists

Comedia Dell’arte- comedy of the artists. Renaissance Italian improvised theatre came to St Ambrose University in April to boisterous laughter. Continue reading “Comedy of the artists”

Don’t trust him, Adaline!

Harrison Ford, Anthony Ingruber, and Blake Lively all in one movie? Sign me up! The Age of Adaline tells the story of Adaline Bowman, who after a freak accident stops aging and then experiences the whole of the 20th century.

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Thirteen reasons to speak up

Suicide – it’s a scary word, one many of us cannot even muster without crinkling up our faces. It forces us to think about experiences that wipe the smiles from expressions. Suicide – just the word has the ability to make the strongest person’s heart sink.

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From viewing to doing

You are a college student. You may not realize this but there are some nice perks that come along with that student ID. Today we will just be focusing on what you may be missing out on at the Figge in downtown Davenport. If you have never heard of the place, the Figge is an art museum. The Figge contains some of the more interesting pieces you will ever see, and it is practically sitting at your back door. Did I mention that if you have a college ID you get admission for free?

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Mallards dramatic season ends on the road

The Mallards made the playoffs once again this season. All was right with the world until April 29th.

The Mallards acquired a new face in the form of center Michael Clarke on April 10th. Clarke finished his juniors career playing for the Peterborough Petes of the Ontario Hockey League on April 3rd. Continue reading “Mallards dramatic season ends on the road”

Grinder of the month plays once more

The most successful teams in sports always seem to have a particular player who has the natural ability to lead their team regardless of the circumstances. By simply attending a Braves baseball game, one can quickly recognize just exactly who the undeniable leader of the team is.

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Baltimore under city-wide curfew

Twenty-five year old Freddie Gray was arrested April 12 by Baltimore police officers before being transported to an area hospital due to spinal trauma he received during transportation. A week later, he was dead. Continue reading “Baltimore under city-wide curfew”