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By Peter Pustejovsky, Guest Cartoonist
By Peter Pustejovsky, Guest Cartoonist

American Sniper, American Hero

Ever since its release over MLK weekend last month, American Sniper has gripped audiences with its realistic war scenes and horrific recounts of history. The movie is based off a book written by Chris Kyle, recounting his experiences at war after the 9/11 attack. Continue reading “American Sniper, American Hero”

“The Interview”: Controversial for Different Reasons

I’m not sure which is dumber: Kim Jong-un or “The Interview.” I am completely flabbergasted as to how a movie manages to be offensive to both Kim Jong-un and those who see him and his legacy as a monument to falsehoods, ostracization, and death. The film was advertised as if Kim Jong-un would be the brunt of the jokes, but for most of the movie he is depicted as a spoiled kid who harbors deep-seeded troubles from his past. A movie has failed when it makes the protagonist, played by James Franco, far less likable than the antagonist. Continue reading ““The Interview”: Controversial for Different Reasons”

Les Miserables at Circa’21

Circa’21 is currently showing Les Miserables, the fifth-longest running Broadway show.

Les Miserables, or as it’s commonly abbreviated, Les Mis, is a sweeping epic set in post-revolutionary France. Continue reading “Les Miserables at Circa’21”

“Grinder of the Month” with Ryan Prochaska

For sports fans, there’s nothing better than watching an outstanding athlete display their athletic skills on the playing field. But on some special occasions, the behind-the-scenes story about an athlete’s journey to success can be even more impressive than their athletic abilities. Jamaree Atwater’s story is definitely one of those special occasions. Continue reading ““Grinder of the Month” with Ryan Prochaska”

Men’s Basketball Team Ready for playoffs

With only three games remaining on the schedule, the men’s basketball team is ready to take on the challenge of trying to make a deep run in the playoffs.  Continue reading “Men’s Basketball Team Ready for playoffs”

Embracing Adversity One Game at a Time

Typically in sports, a team’s success is judged by how many wins and losses a particular team has over the course of a season, but that’s not the case for the 2014 Women Braves Basketball Team. Continue reading “Embracing Adversity One Game at a Time”