People who make a difference in the face of ISIS chaos

In mid February as many as 300 Syrian Christians were abducted by ISIS militants during a fight for power along the Khabur River in Hassakeh province. This incident followed the simultaneous beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians who were abducted earlier in the month.
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Insurgent will throw you for a loop

With Insurgent coming to theaters in a matter of days, some students are scrambling to get their hands on a copy of the book to see what’s in store.

I would be scrambling myself if I hadn’t plowed through it shortly after finishing the first book, Divergent. If you are on the fence about reading the book, let me put my two cents in and see if that helps you make your decision. Continue reading “Insurgent will throw you for a loop”

Fifty shades of frustration

Remember that old saying that “everyone has their own thing”? While that’s all fine and dandy, I can personally say that if anyone told me they were going to punish me, I would start walking in the opposite direction.

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When it comes to abuse there are no “Shades of Grey”

“Fifty Shades of Gray” is described as a harlequin romance fantasy. A book that satisfies women’s fantasies with no harmful effects because no one would really let their fantasies get the best of them. That right there is a fantasy. Yet, both the book and the movie are selling on the top of the charts. The fact of the matter is that violence and abuse is not something that should be taken so lightly, especially since sexual violence is becoming a bigger and bigger problem in our society.

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Ask Aunt Helga

Dear Aunt Helga,
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Model Stranger Grunge

Soundcheck! Who’s got a hat for tips? Where’s the band? Model Stranger began their Imitation Act Tour in the Quad Cities, kicking off their ten-stop tour on the River Music Experience Community at Falbo Bros Pizzeria in Davenport. While it was a small crowd, the people were happy to see the band on Feb. 19. Continue reading “Model Stranger Grunge”