Day of silence to end LGBT bullying

Many students around the halls may soon choose to be silent to support eliminating LGBT harassment. Known around the globe as the Day of Silence, April 17th is the day where people from small towns to large cities around the world will be rallying in quiet protest for the cause.
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Fuming unrest in Ferguson, Missouri

Two hundred forty-three days have passed since the murder of Michael Brown on Aug. 9, 2014, and the city of Ferguson is still rocked by unrest amidst protests. Continue reading “Fuming unrest in Ferguson, Missouri”

NWHL causes stir in women’s hockey and hockey world

Womens hockey is seeing another addition in the form of the re-incarnated National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL). The NWHL will begin playing in October 2015, with four teams being located in Buffalo, NY, Boston, MA, Long Island, NY, and Stamford, CT. Continue reading “NWHL causes stir in women’s hockey and hockey world”

As you wish my Princess Bride

One movie sticks out through my childhood – one that brings my brothers and me together even when we are in the worst fight. What is this miracle movie called you may ask. The answer: The Princess Bride. Even though I love this movie the book is even better. Continue reading “As you wish my Princess Bride”

Insurgent killed the book

As a fan of the Divergent novel trilogy I was excited when the movies started to come out. The first movie, Divergent, had some slight deviations from the book that I could live with. However I have some strong concerns about the second installment entitled Insurgent. Continue reading “Insurgent killed the book”