Mallards sink and soar during the final playoff stretch

The Mallards’ wings seemed to be clipped in the beginning of March, as their season-long eight game homestand saw only three victories for the home team. However, they then began a three game winning streak.
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Baseball team makes ENID goal for their season

Spring time is upon us, and that can mean only one thing-it’s time for a little baseball. The Braves fell one game short of competing in the NJCAA Division II World Series last season, and this year they are focused on making another run towards winning a championship. Continue reading “Baseball team makes ENID goal for their season”

No excuses: Lady Braves prepare for upcoming season

The start of the 2015 softball season has been anything but normal for the Lady Braves. Games getting canceled due to the weather, players getting injured, and having the misfortune of a few players leaving the program have been some of the challenges that Head Coach Carrie Calderon and the Lady Braves have had to deal with so far this season. Continue reading “No excuses: Lady Braves prepare for upcoming season”

Black Hawk College students speak out

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Students in Professor Tobyn Leigh’s Speech 101 class were recently assigned to work on a group project regarding changes they would like to see made on campus. They were asked to consider what, in their view, would make campus life better. Continue reading “Black Hawk College students speak out”

Community College may offer more than you think

Surprising as it may sound to some, there are many benefits in going to a community college that go beyond the lower sticker price. Some benefits even trump going to a four-year college for the whole four-years depending on the student’s situation. Continue reading “Community College may offer more than you think”

Music & art go hand in hand

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Several students at Black Hawk College, along with the Art teacher, Zaiga Minka Thorson, were chosen to work on a fundraiser project for the Quad Cities Symphony Orchestra called “100 Years, 100 Cellos.” Continue reading “Music & art go hand in hand”

Smoke-Free Campus is no laughing matter

Soon, BHC students will no longer be allowed to smoke on campus without facing consequences. On April Fool’s Day Chief of Police Shawn Cisna and Dean of Students Luis Moreno met with a few faculty members and the Student Life Council in the SLC office to discuss implementation of the new law – but this wasn’t a joke.

In 2014 the Illinois Smoke­free Campus law was passed. Chief Cisna said that before fines are levied there will be disciplinary action, as the college doesn’t seek to make money off the new regulation. There will also be workshops to assist in quitting smoking, according to Counselor Wendy Bock.

Signs will be posted around campus to remind students to kick the habit, not the can.

This law will go into affect as of July 1, 2015.