About us

Students who take Newspaper Production class (JOUR 230-100) become the main staff of The Chieftain. Participation in this class allows students to gain experience in the various phases of college newspaper production including research, interview, writing and editing, as well as layout and design using InDesign and Photoshop software.

Guest writers are used from other Journalism classes, and students not taking a journalism class are welcome to submit story ideas for consideration as well. Art and photography students can contribute cartoons, images and photographs of college events for use with published articles. Marketing students interested in hands on experience are encouraged to contact us as well, in regards to selling advertisement spots.

Stories written for the Chieftain are a mix of campus information and events, college and local sports, community events as well as news about national and world events.

Current staff for the Spring semester of 2017:

Columnist and Staff Reporter – Tanner Rowe

Columnist and Staff Reporter – Matthew Hayes

Web Master and Editor- Tanner Rowe, Matthew Hayes                                                                      

Guest Writer – Larry Burge

Professor Marifaith Mueller is the Adviser for the Chieftain.

Submissions, Questions, or Comments can be sent to Chieftain@BHC.edu. Follow us on Twitter @BHC_Chieftain.edu Which hat fits you

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