Here’s What You Can do to Celebrate Women’s History Month

Written by Hannah Rose Showalter

March hasn’t always been Women’s History Month. The national holiday was first brought to life in the school district of Sonoma, California in 1978. It was born out of a week-long celebration put on by the school district, with the purpose of celebrating the role of women in our culture. Jimmy Carter then declared that week as National Women’s History Week, and six years later, after much petitioning by the National Women’s History Project, Congress declared the month of March as Women’s History Month. Continue reading “Here’s What You Can do to Celebrate Women’s History Month”

Is the “Black Panther” Movie Really That Great?

When I discovered that Marvel would be making the Black Panther movie, I didn’t really think much of it. I’ve never been a superhero movie fan, nor have I ever been a superhero fan to begin with. I figured it would be just another one of “those” movies–like Man of Steel and Batman Vs. Superman; overhyped, disappointing heaps of letdown, brought to you by nostalgia and too many special effects. I did not plan on seeing the movie myself until I realized the severity of the hype surrounding it. Continue reading “Is the “Black Panther” Movie Really That Great?”

Sayonara, Old I-74 Bridge!

A new I-74 bridge connecting Moline, IL to Bettendorf, IA is being built. If you drive across the bridge to get to work or school, odds are you’ve seen the impressive barges on the Mississippi due for construction. Continue reading “Sayonara, Old I-74 Bridge!”

Racial Inclusivity Still Proves to be an Issue for Major Makeup Companies

Ladies, have any of you ever walked into a drug store searching for a decent foundation only to discover that your shade is unavailable? Surely legitimate makeup stores ought to have a wider selection, right? Well, that is sometimes the case–especially for women with lighter complexions, but women with darker skin are still often left in the dust. Well, perhaps independent makeup companies online have some answers. That’s what a number of excited customers were thinking before Tarte Cosmetics unveiled their new highly-anticipated “Shape Tape” foundation. Continue reading “Racial Inclusivity Still Proves to be an Issue for Major Makeup Companies”

YouTuber Sparks Conversation About What America is Consuming

YouTube is one of my most-used social media networks. I find myself on YouTube everyday watching whatever’s trending, or, simply whatever I’m interested in at the time being. Currently, I’m totally obsessed with a YouTube channel called “TheWolfePit.” Larry, your average American, blue-collar husband and father, films reviews of cheap, highly processed frozen foods. He also occasionally films recipe videos for people looking to cook hearty, delicious meals for families on a budget. All in all, his videos bring up a very important question: why is America consuming millions of frozen foods with novel-like lists of ingredients? Are fast and “cheap” meals worth all the sodium, calories, and carbs? Continue reading “YouTuber Sparks Conversation About What America is Consuming”

Spread Some Love to People on the Autism Spectrum This Valentine’s Day

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Who doesn’t enjoy arriving at work to mounds of bouquets, boxes of chocolates, and stuffed animals bearing giant hearts from a significant other? Doesn’t it warm your own heart to imagine children decorating their valentine boxes with their favorite super heroes and cartoon characters, passing out goodies to their peers? While it only makes sense to look forward to such an enchanting holiday for people in relationships, it can be one of the loneliest days of the year for singles. It can be especially hard on singles who lie on the autism spectrum. Continue reading “Spread Some Love to People on the Autism Spectrum This Valentine’s Day”

Richard Morthland of BHC Running for Lieutenant Governor

According to the WQAD News Team, Richard Morthland was “astonished” when State Representative Jeanne Ives formally requested that he run for Lieutenant Governor. Mr. Morthland teaches speech at Black Hawk College and currently holds a seat on the Rock Island County Board. He’s also a former Republican Member of the Illinois General Assembly. Richard Morthland and State Rep. Jeanne Ives will be running against Governor Bruce Rauner, a fellow Republican. Continue reading “Richard Morthland of BHC Running for Lieutenant Governor”