High Student Engagement at BHC- Fall Fest Reflections, Upcoming SGA Projects

Students (from left corner, clockwise) Ashley Ramos, Devin Martel, Katrina Williams, and Sean Naylor paint pumpkins at Fall Fest.

During their last meeting on Wednesday, October 25, the Student Government Association discussed the overall outcomes of both the Social Services Fair and BHC Fall Fest. The Social Services Fair, held at the Black Hawk College Quad City Campus, was a great experience for both students and the organizations that attended.

Wendy Bock, of the BHC Counseling Services department, spoke to SGA and reported that the organizations that attended the Social Services Fair were especially grateful for the help they received from SGA students. According to Bock, the organizations said, “They were very outgoing and constantly asking, ‘Can I get you anything?’” Bock was also thankful for the students who helped with this major event. Continue reading “High Student Engagement at BHC- Fall Fest Reflections, Upcoming SGA Projects”

“The Meaning of Fear”– Halloween Themed Event Coming Up at BHC QC Campus

Fall– a time for pumpkins, jumping in leaves, picking apples, eating apples, harvesting the crops, enjoying campfires, spending time with family and friends, and, yes, fall is the  time for Halloween. Halloween, for kids, usually translates as a time to dress up as our favorite characters and score a bunch of free candy.

Unfortunately, as adults, we usually (usually) no longer have that privilege. Instead, many adults entertain themselves by focusing on the scary aspects of Halloween, such as haunted houses and horror movies.  Continue reading ““The Meaning of Fear”– Halloween Themed Event Coming Up at BHC QC Campus”

Get Ready, Campers– Fall Fest is Almost Here! SGA Highlights

Some exciting events are coming up on campus! The Quad City Campus Student Government Association met last Wednesday, October 11 to discuss some of the activities that are in the works.


The SGA will be helping out with the Veteran Relief Boxes project, sponsored by the Military Students and Veterans Club (MSVC). For this project, bins will be set out and various items will be collected to send in boxes to troops serving overseas. They will be sending boxes to local troops this year, as the Iowa Army Reserves was deployed.  Continue reading “Get Ready, Campers– Fall Fest is Almost Here! SGA Highlights”

Promoting the old and the new at activities fair

If you were anywhere near the East entrance of Building 1 on Thursday, August 27th, the first thing you would have smelled is popcorn. On the likely chance you followed your stomach (or happened to be wandering to or from your car), you would have encountered BHC’s Activities Kick-Off! Continue reading “Promoting the old and the new at activities fair”

Be active in the Quad Cities during Spring Break

If you are into new scientific technology and space exploration, check out the Putnam Museum’s current exhibit created with the help of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

“Alien Worlds and Androids” introduces the strange and unusual both on earth and space. It allows visitors to join in the search to find alien life forms, and also informs them about the alien-like life forms that can also be found here on earth.

In addition, visitors will be introduced to the technologies used to explore the distant solar systems and extreme environments closer to home. There are even robots there that will remind you of C3PO and Iron Man.

Hours: Mon-Sat, 10am-5pm and Sundays, Noon-5pm.
“Alien Worlds and Androids” will continue through May 25th.
BHC student cost is $13.50. Continue reading “Be active in the Quad Cities during Spring Break”

Promotional Fair Supports Involvement

If you wanted information about some of the clubs on campus, or you really wanted a free caricature by Leo Kelly, odds are you were at the Promotional Fair on January 29th. However, if you missed the fair, there are still plenty of opportunities to join a club or volunteer. Continue reading “Promotional Fair Supports Involvement”

Food, Fun, and Frivolity at Fall Festival

Students packed the Hawk’s Nest in Building 4 on Sept. 25 to take part in the annual fall festival hosted by the Student Life Office. Over 500 attendees were treated to live music, activities and information regarding clubs and organizations, and free food catered by Hy-Vee. Continue reading “Food, Fun, and Frivolity at Fall Festival”

There’s a Club for that!

College life… attend class, read text material, complete homework, read more, study lessons, take exams, repeat.

Some students are new. Others are nearing graduation. Despite the focus necessary to make good grades, college life shouldn’t be just about working hard. Continue reading “There’s a Club for that!”