Final Exams Survival Guide: 10 Simple Tips

BHC students Gabby Kerner and Cassie Wales study in the Black Hawk College library (QC Campus).

Finals week is closing in on us quickly. Needless to say, preparing for final exams can be stressful for college students. Luckily, there are some things you can do to make sure this semester’s exams are much less anxiety-provoking. Following one or all of these tips may just help you ace that challenging test.

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Giving Thanks, Finding Hope

Image found on Explore Georgia.

Thanksgiving is a time when we reflect on all the blessings that have been given to us throughout the year. It is a beautiful holiday because it fosters the humility and gratitude that all of us fortunate people need to have.

We are grateful to have the chance to get a college education. We are grateful for those people who believed in us when others did not, and maybe when we did not believe in ourselves either. We are grateful for family and friends, food, water and clothing. We wake up in the morning and are ultimately grateful to be alive.

However, this particular Thanksgiving is special.

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Follow Your Dreams: See all around the country… from your own window!

Do you love to travel?

Do you love to travel so much you would be willing to make the road your home? Larry and Barb Walters of Geneseo, Illinois will be living the ultimate adventure when they take off in their fifth wheel RV this September to live on the road full-time. For many years, it has been the Walters’ dream to live full-time in a beautiful RV, doing what they love most: seeing the gorgeous country, meeting new people, and finding a new adventure at every turn. Continue reading “Follow Your Dreams: See all around the country… from your own window!”

Aunt Helga

helgaDear Aunt Helga

I find time-scheduling hard, especially between school, job, family, and friends. I want good grades and to have time to spend with my family and friends. Is that even possible?

–Drowning in responsibility
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Life’s lessons: Dear sixth-grade me

Here is another submission from last months feature for Hardin, Middle School sixth graders in Montana.

Ask Aunt Helga

Dear Aunt Helga,
I moved to the area last fall from Texas. I’ve found it very difficult to make new friends. Many groups of students attending classes seem to know each other, or have some background together from attending the same high school. I used to be able to make friends easily, but with this change, I’ve found it a lot more difficult to find things I have in common with people around me. What should I do?

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Advice from Chieftain and BHC Alum Andrew Nesseler

Q: How do I avoid unwanted conversations in public?

A: The obvious answer to this question is to wear headphones. Whether you’re listening to music or not, this will give the appearance that you’re busy. However, this is a tired approach, and we can do better. Let’s take some inspiration from the days of old. Continue reading “Advice from Chieftain and BHC Alum Andrew Nesseler”