Thirteen reasons to speak up

Suicide – it’s a scary word, one many of us cannot even muster without crinkling up our faces. It forces us to think about experiences that wipe the smiles from expressions. Suicide – just the word has the ability to make the strongest person’s heart sink.

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As you wish my Princess Bride

One movie sticks out through my childhood – one that brings my brothers and me together even when we are in the worst fight. What is this miracle movie called you may ask. The answer: The Princess Bride. Even though I love this movie the book is even better. Continue reading “As you wish my Princess Bride”

Insurgent killed the book

As a fan of the Divergent novel trilogy I was excited when the movies started to come out. The first movie, Divergent, had some slight deviations from the book that I could live with. However I have some strong concerns about the second installment entitled Insurgent. Continue reading “Insurgent killed the book”