Braves focused on successful season

golfFor over four decades, there’s been a certain standard in place for the Braves Golf Program and that standard is simply winning.
Overall as a program, the Braves have won nineteen Region IV Championships, and thirty Arrowhead Conference Championships.

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Grinder of the month plays once more

The most successful teams in sports always seem to have a particular player who has the natural ability to lead their team regardless of the circumstances. By simply attending a Braves baseball game, one can quickly recognize just exactly who the undeniable leader of the team is.

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“Grinder of the Month” with Ryan Prochaska

For sports fans, there’s nothing better than watching an outstanding athlete display their athletic skills on the playing field. But on some special occasions, the behind-the-scenes story about an athlete’s journey to success can be even more impressive than their athletic abilities. Jamaree Atwater’s story is definitely one of those special occasions. Continue reading ““Grinder of the Month” with Ryan Prochaska”