Tourism in Brazil? Let’s Go!

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If you have heard about Brazil, I bet it was about soccer, jungle or Rio de Janeiro (samba and “caipirinha”, maybe!).  A lot of people say “soccer is our national passion” not exactly mine; Continue reading “Tourism in Brazil? Let’s Go!”

No bacon for breakfast in Brazil

Bacon and eggs for breakfast and dinner before 8pm. This is normal for you, right? But for me it’s a huge difference in the kitchen between Brazil and here! Continue reading “No bacon for breakfast in Brazil”

Brazil to America: Change of Weather Significant

Photo of AleThis is my first article for the Chieftain, but I have lost track of how many texts I’ve written in the eight years of journalism. I am Brazilian; I graduated in Social Communication, Journalism as major in 2007 and since then I’ve worked in newspapers, magazines and websites as police, fashion and community reporter. I wrote about health, economy, sports and decoration. Continue reading “Brazil to America: Change of Weather Significant”