Breast Cancer – It’s not just for women!

Breast cancer in men is rare, but 1% of all breast cancers will occur in men each year. Cancer researchers have projected that breast cancer will affect approximately 2,360 men in 2014. These male breast cancer diagnoses could result in about 400 male deaths from the disease (compared with nearly 40,000 female deaths). Continue reading “Breast Cancer – It’s not just for women!”

Men in Cancerland – How to help her cope

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month – most commonly attributed to the care of women – but many already know that. We’ve been taught about the risk factors of breast cancer since before puberty, and how important early detection and preventative measures can be. It is even common knowledge that having no family history does not guarantee immunity. But what do we know about the main caregiver of a woman going through breast cancer treatment – the male support system? Continue reading “Men in Cancerland – How to help her cope”

AVON Calling… and the causes they support

When you hear that someone is selling AVON, I’m sure your mind goes to make-up or perfume. However, it might surprise you that AVON is Vitale_Microsite_Difference_Elevate_Bannermore than skin deep. It’s more than selling products to make you more beautiful. There’s actually a cause behind what they do.

Since 1955, the AVON Foundation for Women has helped improve the lives of women and their families through their Speak-Out Against Domestic Violence Program and the AVON Breast Cancer Crusade. The foundation also supports disaster relief when national and international emergencies occur. Continue reading “AVON Calling… and the causes they support”