Lady Braves rebuilding for success

The beginning of a new season is always an exciting time for any team no matter the sport. The playing field is even and every program has the opportunity to become a championship team regardless of the past.

With a roster full of talent and an experienced coaching staff, there’s plenty of reasons for the Lady Braves to be excited about the opportunity they have in front of them. But first, let’s go back three seasons ago when excitement was very hard to come by for this program. Continue reading “Lady Braves rebuilding for success”

Swinging for spring success

Rejoice golf fans – the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the grass on the fairway is once again turning green.

Well ok, we’re not exactly experiencing spring-like conditions quite yet here in Moline, but that’s not stopping the 2015 Men’s Golf team from preparing for the upcoming spring season. Continue reading “Swinging for spring success”