Friends or Foes: Battles Within: The Walking Dead S.8, E.3 Review

SPOILER ALERT:  If you have not seen season eight, episode three of The Walking Dead yet, you may want to watch it before you read this.

If the line between right and wrong was blurry for Rick’s group before, last Sunday’s episode, “Monsters”, just about made it invisible for them. There were a lot of heavy decisions for Rick and the other groups, and their morality was constantly being called into question. Continue reading “Friends or Foes: Battles Within: The Walking Dead S.8, E.3 Review”

A Blast From the Past: The Walking Dead S.8, E.2 Review

SPOILER ALERT:  If you have not seen season eight, episode two of The Walking Dead yet, you may want to watch it before you read this.

The war continues! Last Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, “The Damned” took a much different turn than episode one, which was more reflective and character focused. For (most) fans that are looking for this war to escalate a little and see some combat, episode two definitely should not have disappointed. Chock-full of battle scenes, hostage situations, and a brutal fistfight between Rick and an interesting Savior, this was a very militaristic episode, which it definitely needed to be after that slower paced first episode. Continue reading “A Blast From the Past: The Walking Dead S.8, E.2 Review”

Spark of Nostalgia, Explosion of Disorder- The Walking Dead S.8, Ep.1 Review

SPOILER ALERT:  If you have not seen season eight, episode one of The Walking Dead yet, you may want to watch it before you read this.

The Walking Dead has returned to the television screen after almost seven excruciating months of anticipation. Like any other fan of the hit zombie epic, I was pretty excited to watch  the first episode of season eight, which aired last Sunday night. This also happened to be the 100th episode of the show.

Okay, I admit, I was pumped. I watched all the bonus episodes and had a special meal prepared and everything. By seven-thirty, I was sitting on the couch wearing my Daryl Dixon hoodie, ready to go.  Continue reading “Spark of Nostalgia, Explosion of Disorder- The Walking Dead S.8, Ep.1 Review”

please let your babies grow up to be cowboys

the ranch

If you’ve been browsing on Netflix lately, chances are you’ve seen a show that incorporates top-grade country music, an iconic mustache, and an unfortunate pair of Ugg boots.

The Ranch is a sitcom unlike anything else Netflix has produced to date; filmed with only a handful of different sets in the studio, its essence is a throwback to other classics like Cheers or Full House.

Ten episodes of the first season were released on April 1st of this year; with each show only being half an hour long, a binge-watcher could do some serious damage in just one day.

Everyone in my household actually came together to watch history unfold: Danny Masterson and Ashton Kutcher, the infamous Steven Hyde and Michael Kelso, teamed up again as the Bennett brothers.

Colt Bennett, played by Kutcher, is the hometown football hero, who has arrived home with his tail between his legs after falling short on his dream of becoming a big-time professional football player.

Jameson ‘Rooster’ Bennett, played by Masterson, has continued to help out his daddy on the ranch for the last 15 years while Colt has been away. With a lot of the same quirks and mannerisms as his character “Hyde” from That 70s Show, this beer-guzzling redneck has the best “horse walks into a bar” jokes on television.

Sam Elliott portrays their father, Beau Bennett, who’s the living definition of a stubborn old ox. Thankfully his voice is enough to cause any woman to swoon to the floor in a puddle of mush — my mother included.

While the story unfolds, we see the screenwriters taking full advantage of the fact that the show is not on cable; there are multiple instances where characters drop the F-bomb, or some other forgivable four lettered words. You will also see a hiney — I’m not gonna say who’s — but the ladies will not be disappointed.

And if you’re a George Jones fan, there’s a scene that is pure GOLD.

Some of the haters/critics alike argue that the show is nothing that we haven’t seen before. Colt is just another son who is seeking the approval of his father. Beau is just another cranky, hard-headed old man who can’t even stand the fact that there is almond milk in his fridge: “What the *bleep* is almond milk…show me the tit on an almond.”

However, the show’s charm emulates a family many viewers either relate to, or enjoy learning more about. It takes a character that would otherwise be made into a cliche and manages to poke fun at it in a loving-family way.

The Bennett men win the medal for quick-wit sarcasm and stubbornness; without a doubt, Colt and Rooster have learned from the best. Sam Elliot’s lines in this show are a mix between the ideals of your grandfather and the comedic wisdom of Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation.

Just some examples include: “What kind of *bleep* spends 85 dollars on a pair of jeans?”, “Sushi is fish for men who don’t know how to build a fire”, and “A man doesn’t grow a mustache, the mustache grows the man.”

Many of Beau’s ideals may seem old fashioned, but there’s enough modern-day turmoil occurring between his marriage and the state of the ranch for the character to be relatable to the generations after him as well.

The Ranch is one of those shows that can perk you up regardless of the mood you’re in. My family would sit down and watch it at the end of the day for the same reason we’d turn on Jimmy Fallon after the news — it makes you smile.

More episodes are set to debut later this year, but the release date is still pending. Hopefully they air sooner rather than later; I miss seeing me some Rooster!

Psychotic thriller turns “perfectly” boring

perfect guy from pmchollywoodlifeYou’ve seen it a thousand times before. A guy falls for the wrong girl. A girl falls for the wrong guy, but before that, there’s some serious stalking going on and bunnies are being boiled. Substitute a cat for the bunny and you have the ironically titled, generic thriller “The Perfect Guy” that somehow wound up on the big screen instead of being on Lifetime. Continue reading “Psychotic thriller turns “perfectly” boring”

A must see – Interstellar – in theaters now

Interstellar has a seemingly simple meaning listed in the dictionary – situated or occurring between the stars. When you think about it, though, “between the stars” is literally a vast expanse of endless space. The movie, Interstellar, that opened in theaters on Friday, Nov 7th, is filled with dimensions as vast as the stars in the heavens. Continue reading “A must see – Interstellar – in theaters now”

Figge Art Museum – More Than Meets the Eye

“Bringing art and people together. We enrich our community with the experience of art through education, collections, exhibitions, and preservation.” This is the Mission Statement of the Figge Art Museum in Davenport. College students in the Quad Cities will be admitted free of charge during normal business hours. Simply take your Black Hawk ID card to get in. Continue reading “Figge Art Museum – More Than Meets the Eye”

New Band, Same Great Sound: Cody Canada and the Departed

The Redstone Room in Davenport makes quite the setting for an evening of great music with great people. Cody Canada and the Departed performed there last month and gave fans and newcomers exactly what they were looking for – a soulful rock and country set that could be done by no other than. Continue reading “New Band, Same Great Sound: Cody Canada and the Departed”