Final Exams Survival Guide: 10 Simple Tips

BHC students Gabby Kerner and Cassie Wales study in the Black Hawk College library (QC Campus).

Finals week is closing in on us quickly. Needless to say, preparing for final exams can be stressful for college students. Luckily, there are some things you can do to make sure this semester’s exams are much less anxiety-provoking. Following one or all of these tips may just help you ace that challenging test.

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Finals survival 101

final.exam_Finals week seems to arrive earlier and earlier each year. This semester, finals begin on Dec. 7. How do you survive the week of all-nighters, caffeine runs, and brain-mushifying tests? (I wish I knew how to solve the last one, but…) By listening to my advice you’ll manage to make it through Finals Week.
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