“The Meaning of Fear”– Halloween Themed Event Coming Up at BHC QC Campus

Fall– a time for pumpkins, jumping in leaves, picking apples, eating apples, harvesting the crops, enjoying campfires, spending time with family and friends, and, yes, fall is the  time for Halloween. Halloween, for kids, usually translates as a time to dress up as our favorite characters and score a bunch of free candy.

Unfortunately, as adults, we usually (usually) no longer have that privilege. Instead, many adults entertain themselves by focusing on the scary aspects of Halloween, such as haunted houses and horror movies.  Continue reading ““The Meaning of Fear”– Halloween Themed Event Coming Up at BHC QC Campus”

Calling All Movie Fans! Conversation Event at BHC QC Campus on October 11

Do you enjoy watching and discussing movies? Interested in how cinema affects us? All Black Hawk College students are invited to the October 11th Conversation Event On Movies, sponsored by the Christian Conversation Club of Black Hawk College.

“We plan to discuss many different viewpoints on movies, including genre, personal preferences regarding content and viewing, and cinema’s impact in our lives,” says CCC’s  Vice-President Ashley Hanson.  Continue reading “Calling All Movie Fans! Conversation Event at BHC QC Campus on October 11”

Good Eats! Mac-n-cheese revisited

Eating on a budget doesn’t mean you have to limit your options. While macaroni and cheese is inexpensively sold for quick meals, it can be better. Here are three variations of mac n cheese, without the powder package, to add delight to your taste buds and your budget. Continue reading “Good Eats! Mac-n-cheese revisited”

No bacon for breakfast in Brazil

Bacon and eggs for breakfast and dinner before 8pm. This is normal for you, right? But for me it’s a huge difference in the kitchen between Brazil and here! Continue reading “No bacon for breakfast in Brazil”

Good Eats! $1.01 for One, Quick Ramen Bowl, Yum!

Many college students have likely already discovered the cost saving value of ramen noodles. Sadly, there’s not a lot of nutrition found in the compressed square of noodles and sauce packet. Adding to your ramen can increase nutrition and still be cost effective, yet simple. Here is an easy recipe found at www.budgetbytes.com that can be altered according to your personal taste preferences. Consider it a starting point to experiment with other vegetables, seasonings, and even meats that can be added to your basic ramen dinner. Continue reading “Good Eats! $1.01 for One, Quick Ramen Bowl, Yum!”

Poutine – what it is and how you can enjoy it at home

Poutine is often considered a staple to many Quebecois, as it is found in McDonald’s across that one province of Canada and other national food chains from Newfoundland to Vancouver. It has also infiltrated the northern United States, and has recently become a Friday night staple for myself. But I must admit, buying it every week begins to be expensive, so I decided to try making it myself one night. It took a bit of research, but I eventually found a recipe that works. Continue reading “Poutine – what it is and how you can enjoy it at home”

Subway eats the competition at BHC

Subway is number one when it comes to supplying sub sandwich shops that provide a quality product and they get big time athletes and celebrities to market their food. Subway’s slogan promotes fit and healthy meals that aren’t as bad for you as many other fast food chains. Black Hawk College has been home to a Subway Restaurant since the contract was signed in August 2011, when subway struck a sneaky deal that would become a great business idea, but we should make room for other fast food chains to set up shop at BHC. Continue reading “Subway eats the competition at BHC”