Giving Thanks, Finding Hope

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Thanksgiving is a time when we reflect on all the blessings that have been given to us throughout the year. It is a beautiful holiday because it fosters the humility and gratitude that all of us fortunate people need to have.

We are grateful to have the chance to get a college education. We are grateful for those people who believed in us when others did not, and maybe when we did not believe in ourselves either. We are grateful for family and friends, food, water and clothing. We wake up in the morning and are ultimately grateful to be alive.

However, this particular Thanksgiving is special.

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Is Valentine’s Day a Big Deal?

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A time to give thanks, a time to give back

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Thanksquizzing: Are you prepared for Thanksgiving?

We have all been there. It is Thanksgiving Day and all you want to do is eat and then possibly take a nap. But before this can take place, you must answer hundreds of questions that are put forth by your extended family. They are like the answer seeking troll guarding the bridge that leads to the cranberry sauce. Here are two popular questions you will most likely hear this year and some answer suggestions to help move the night along. Continue reading “Thanksquizzing: Are you prepared for Thanksgiving?”