Chieftain reporters reporting for duty

Fresh ideas for the Chieftain are now flying around in the heads of its staff after coming back from the Illinois Community College Journalism Conference that took place on April 9th and 10th. While staying at the Grizzly Jack’s Grand Bear Resort in Utica, IL, the staff spread out to listen to reporters talk about their experiences on the job and learn ways to become better reporters. Continue reading “Chieftain reporters reporting for duty”

Chieftain staff creed

Neither horror of tornados nor torential rains
will keep this staff from the I-double-C J A

Two-thirds of the Chieftain staff journeyed to Utica, IL for the Illinois Community College Journalism Association (ICCJA) Spring Conference on April 9th. A 90 minute drive seemed to go quickly as the back seat was filled with the singing of songs – Disney and otherwise – much to the “joking” annoyance of the front seat. The last ten minutes of the drive was a bit frantic with the torrential rain that would not be cleared by the faulty windshield wipers on our rented vehicle. However, the staff was able to arrive at the Grizzly Jack’s Starved Rock Resort in one piece, though the same could not be said for the hotel. Continue reading “Chieftain staff creed”

The privilege of recognition at ICCJA

Professional journalists across Illinois recently honored student-journalists at the Illinois Community College Journalism Association (ICCJA) Spring 2015 Conference and Awards Banquet on April 9-10. A total of 24 categories were judged and critiqued for the 18 community colleges who are currently members of ICCJA. Submissions were from the 2014 calendar year, sent in last December. Continue reading “The privilege of recognition at ICCJA”

ICCJA Review

Much of the Chieftain staff were in Charleston, IL for an Illinois Community College Journalism Association (ICCJA) conference on Oct. 2-3. At this conference, community college students from all across Illinois gathered at Eastern Illinois University (EIU) to learn how to become better journalists. The meetings were not just for the students as there were two meetings for advisors, one on each day of the conference. Continue reading “ICCJA Review”