The privilege of recognition at ICCJA

Professional journalists across Illinois recently honored student-journalists at the Illinois Community College Journalism Association (ICCJA) Spring 2015 Conference and Awards Banquet on April 9-10. A total of 24 categories were judged and critiqued for the 18 community colleges who are currently members of ICCJA. Submissions were from the 2014 calendar year, sent in last December. Continue reading “The privilege of recognition at ICCJA”

Brazil to America: Change of Weather Significant

Photo of AleThis is my first article for the Chieftain, but I have lost track of how many texts I’ve written in the eight years of journalism. I am Brazilian; I graduated in Social Communication, Journalism as major in 2007 and since then I’ve worked in newspapers, magazines and websites as police, fashion and community reporter. I wrote about health, economy, sports and decoration. Continue reading “Brazil to America: Change of Weather Significant”

Reporting for the Chieftain

I signed up for the fall semester class called Newspaper Production not knowing what to expect. Surprisingly, it opened me up to a whirlwind of writing and deadlines and bylines – oh, my! – and I wouldn’t change a thing! It has been a wonderful learning experience that has helped hone my editing, researching, and writing skills, as well as provided opportunities to attend additional workshop training at other colleges. Continue reading “Reporting for the Chieftain”

ICCJA Review

Much of the Chieftain staff were in Charleston, IL for an Illinois Community College Journalism Association (ICCJA) conference on Oct. 2-3. At this conference, community college students from all across Illinois gathered at Eastern Illinois University (EIU) to learn how to become better journalists. The meetings were not just for the students as there were two meetings for advisors, one on each day of the conference. Continue reading “ICCJA Review”