Lady Braves rebuilding for success

The beginning of a new season is always an exciting time for any team no matter the sport. The playing field is even and every program has the opportunity to become a championship team regardless of the past.

With a roster full of talent and an experienced coaching staff, there’s plenty of reasons for the Lady Braves to be excited about the opportunity they have in front of them. But first, let’s go back three seasons ago when excitement was very hard to come by for this program. Continue reading “Lady Braves rebuilding for success”

Staying positive equals success for Lady Braves

The 2015 Lady Braves Volleyball season is finally upon us, and this year’s team is determined to have a successful season.

The Lady Braves are coached by Head Coach Mary Davis, who is entering her twenty-fourth year as Head Volleyball Coach at Black Hawk. Coach Davis attended Black Hawk from 1983-1985, where she played on the Lady Braves Volleyball team.

After graduating from Black Hawk, Coach Davis became an assistant coach at BHC, and four years later she was named the Head Coach of the program. Coach Davis admits it was all about winning her first few years coaching, but eventually her perspective on the importance of coaching changed.

“After a few years of coaching, it became more about being a good role model for young women and teaching them how important education is for them to make good decisions and to be strong young women in life,” Coach Davis said.

As far as Coach Davis’s expectations for this season, she hopes to pick off right where the team left off last year. With a young team last year, the Lady Braves experienced a slow start early in the season, but they continued to improve and ended up finishing second in the Arrowhead Conference. The Lady Braves fell two games short of qualifying for the NJCAA Tournament last season, but this year the team is focused on staying competitive and winning their conference.

The Lady Braves will be led by their three captains this season, Katherine Fringer, Morgan Ripperger, and Courtney Cobert. All three girls are returning from last season, and they all agree that Coach Davis has taught them how important it is to be mentally tough throughout a season.

“You have to be mentally tough in this sport. If you’re not mentally tough then you’re bringing down the whole team,” Morgan Ripperger said.

Captains Katherine Fringer and Courtney Cobert credit Coach Davis for teaching them how to enjoy the moment and how to keep a positive attitude regardless of the circumstance.

Katherine and Courtney believe if you’re not having fun while your playing then you have no shot at winning the game.

The Lady Braves currently have a 9-12 record as they enter the final month of the regular season. With only eight games remaining in the regular season, the girls are focused on adding to the win column before the Regional Tournament begins in early November.

No excuses: Lady Braves prepare for upcoming season

The start of the 2015 softball season has been anything but normal for the Lady Braves. Games getting canceled due to the weather, players getting injured, and having the misfortune of a few players leaving the program have been some of the challenges that Head Coach Carrie Calderon and the Lady Braves have had to deal with so far this season. Continue reading “No excuses: Lady Braves prepare for upcoming season”

Embracing Adversity One Game at a Time

Typically in sports, a team’s success is judged by how many wins and losses a particular team has over the course of a season, but that’s not the case for the 2014 Women Braves Basketball Team. Continue reading “Embracing Adversity One Game at a Time”

Coach Boyd’s Lady Braves (February 2014)

After the Sauk Valley game was canceled, Coach Karen Boyd took the time to give an interview to the Chieftain and talk about the Lady Braves so far this season.

“One of them [the injured players] has an indefinite return, so we are not actually going to anticipate her coming back at all this season. Out of the other two, one is anticipating her release on Friday. And the third one is another week from Friday; she has a little over two weeks.” The injury that has sidelined one of our women for the rest of the season is a back injury. Continue reading “Coach Boyd’s Lady Braves (February 2014)”