High Student Engagement at BHC- Fall Fest Reflections, Upcoming SGA Projects

Students (from left corner, clockwise) Ashley Ramos, Devin Martel, Katrina Williams, and Sean Naylor paint pumpkins at Fall Fest.

During their last meeting on Wednesday, October 25, the Student Government Association discussed the overall outcomes of both the Social Services Fair and BHC Fall Fest. The Social Services Fair, held at the Black Hawk College Quad City Campus, was a great experience for both students and the organizations that attended.

Wendy Bock, of the BHC Counseling Services department, spoke to SGA and reported that the organizations that attended the Social Services Fair were especially grateful for the help they received from SGA students. According to Bock, the organizations said, “They were very outgoing and constantly asking, ‘Can I get you anything?’” Bock was also thankful for the students who helped with this major event. Continue reading “High Student Engagement at BHC- Fall Fest Reflections, Upcoming SGA Projects”

Operation unending obligation

Soldiers still supporting our United States

Whether they joined the Air force, Army, Navy, or Marine Corp, they went to fight against terror – on a mission – a commitment. Niko Pilcher, Benefits & Education Counselor with the Veterans Resource Center at Black Hawk College served in the Army and understands the mentality of a former soldier wanting to go back to fight against ISIS with Kurdish peshmerga forces. Continue reading “Operation unending obligation”

American Sniper, American Hero

Ever since its release over MLK weekend last month, American Sniper has gripped audiences with its realistic war scenes and horrific recounts of history. The movie is based off a book written by Chris Kyle, recounting his experiences at war after the 9/11 attack. Continue reading “American Sniper, American Hero”

BHC Hosts Colleges, Military

Sounds of excitement and young intriguing minds filled the hallways as you came up the stairs to the third floor of building 3. The gymnasium was filled with young students looking to make a career or education choice after their high school graduation. Representatives from many college and universities were the main feature at College Night, as well as the United States Military, which Black Hawk College hosted on Sept. 27. Continue reading “BHC Hosts Colleges, Military”