Don’t trust him, Adaline!

Harrison Ford, Anthony Ingruber, and Blake Lively all in one movie? Sign me up! The Age of Adaline tells the story of Adaline Bowman, who after a freak accident stops aging and then experiences the whole of the 20th century.

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“The Interview”: Controversial for Different Reasons

I’m not sure which is dumber: Kim Jong-un or “The Interview.” I am completely flabbergasted as to how a movie manages to be offensive to both Kim Jong-un and those who see him and his legacy as a monument to falsehoods, ostracization, and death. The film was advertised as if Kim Jong-un would be the brunt of the jokes, but for most of the movie he is depicted as a spoiled kid who harbors deep-seeded troubles from his past. A movie has failed when it makes the protagonist, played by James Franco, far less likable than the antagonist. Continue reading ““The Interview”: Controversial for Different Reasons”

“Everything is Awesome” in The Lego Movie

Fans of the video games, movies, television programs, and classic brick building toys walked into “The Lego Movie” with high expectations. Teaser trailers released introduced you to the cast of characters. Our hero, Emmet Brickowoski (Chris Pratt), teams up with the wise man Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman), the rebellious Wildstyle (Elizabeth Banks), and Batman (Will Arnett) against the evil Lord Business (Will Farrell) and the sinister Bad Cop (Liam Neeson.)

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