In Defense of Euthanasia

nomouthIf a person has a terminal disease and as a result faces immense, inescapable suffering, then he or she should be allowed to take the necessary steps to end this suffering—even if it entails doctor-assisted suicide. To disallow this process would prolong the suffering of individuals and completely violate their bodily autonomy. We would require good Continue reading “In Defense of Euthanasia”

An exploration of science, evolution and belief in God

god is here to stay“God Is Here to Stay: Science, Evolution, and Belief in God” is a 2014 publication written by Thomas R. McFaul and Al Brunsting. The chapters consist of scientific findings that support the idea that humanity is structured for knowledge, spiritual experiences, justice, and universal morality. These findings, the authors argue, support belief in a God rather than non-belief.

In the opening chapter the authors glance over general versions of the cosmological, teleological, ontological, and moral arguments for the existence of God. Each argument is summarized in a couple of paragraphs, then they are dismissed. It is concluded that the lack of consensus Continue reading “An exploration of science, evolution and belief in God”

Book Review: Going Clear by Lawrence Wright

Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief is a 2013 publication by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Lawrence Wright. Covering an extensive amount of material, Mr. Wright explores Scientology’s origins, tenets, attacks on critics, the treatment of newly enlisted members to high profile veterans such as Tom Cruise, and the life of its founder, L. Ron Hubbard.

Scientology’s status as a relatively new and secretive religion has opened it to a large amount of speculation and criticism. Unlike other religions that openly declare tenets, the Church of Scientology makes its sporadic tenets public in a begrudging manner, occasionally due to various internal breaches of Church documents. However, where the majority of the public’s knowledge of Scientology ends, Mr. Wright fully explores its remaining dogma, including Scientology’s origin and its unorthodox role in religion.

The dogma Continue reading “Book Review: Going Clear by Lawrence Wright”