Carlos Martinez elected as Student Trustee


Image taken by Ryan Prochaska

The students of Black Hawk have spoken, and there’s a new Student Trustee on campus, one dedicated to making improvements on campus for a better student experience.

Freshman Carlos Martinez, who is pursuing a degree in pre-engineering, was elected as the new Student Trustee to represent the students on the Board of Trustees. Before Election Day, Martinez squared off in a debate with fellow candidate Rowen Burroughs, in a final attempt to influence undecided voters why he would be the best choice for the position.

The debate consisted of questions about how the candidates would go about serving as the Student Trustee, and the changes they intend on making if elected.

Martinez will serve as the Student Trustee for one year, during this time, he looks forward to serving as a voice for his fellow students and hopes to ultimately make Black Hawk’s campus experience better.

Overall, the responsibilities of the Student Trustee is to serve as the voice of the students on the Board of Trustees. The Student Trustee can bring up any concerns or improvements that could be made in the best interest of the students, and that’s exactly what enticed Martinez to get involved and run for Student Trustee.

“I wanted to play a role, and actually be able to influence what’s going on,” said Carlos Maritnez. “Many times, students are only here at Black Hawk for two years, and they really don’t get involved. I want to show the students there’s an opportunity to get involved, and we can make changes on campus to make things better for the students.”

Martinez encourages suggestions on what exactly needs improved at Black Hawk, so if you see him on campus speak up and don’t be shy, it takes a voice for change.

More than “Just-a”

Recently I came across this blog post from another college that I wanted to share with readers of the Chieftain. I hope you find it inspiring as I did.

“Earlier this year at a non-profit event, I was asked what I did for the organization, and my response was, “Oh no, I’m just a volunteer.” To my surprise, the inquirer leaned in close and sternly, but genuinely, told me to never say I was “just” a volunteer. I took that to heart. Continue reading “More than “Just-a””

When students speak, the SLC listens

But how  many students know this?

Tiff Profile PictureCoordinator of Student Engagement is her official title, but that doesn’t limit what Tiffany Hamilton is willing to do at Black Hawk College. Since 2009, she has worked hard to establish an environment that encourages students to get involved, develop leadership skills, and meet other people who will influence the rest of their lives. Still, there are some students who are unaware that a Student Leadership Council (SLC) or Student Life program even exists at Black Hawk College, or what its purpose is.

Welcome to the Hawk’s Nest – the hub of Student Life. Most events planned and coordinated by SLC take place in the Hawk’s Nest. Right next door are the offices for Hamilton and her work-study students. Members of the Student Leadership Council meet in the conference rooms bi-weekly to coordinate events that will accomplish the goals set forth by the Senate. Inter-club Council also meets bi-weekly with representatives from the active clubs and organizations on campus.

Continue reading “When students speak, the SLC listens”

Chatting with the Faces Behind the Art

When you walk in the hall of the first floor in Building Four, what are some of the thoughts that go through your head? With our own mini gallery, which is currently filled with artwork created by BHC Alumni, many ideas about the interpretation of the artwork can flood your mind. Continue reading “Chatting with the Faces Behind the Art”

It’s a Wonderful Life at BHC – No need to call Clarence

Learning at Black Hawk College unlocks many wonderful opportunities for varying types of students. Perhaps you are fresh out of high school. Maybe you are like me, where college is opening doors for a second career. Other students might be enhancing skills to grow in a current career.

Whatever stage of life brings you to Black Hawk, make the most of your opportunity by participating in the many clubs and activities made available to all students. Continue reading “It’s a Wonderful Life at BHC – No need to call Clarence”

Thankful for Thanksgiving and so much more

Student Life packed the Hawk’s Nest for another successful – and delicious – Thanksgiving Feast. Hy-Vee catered the event, serving up turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans, and of course, pumpkin pie. Staff and faculty donated baskets for a silent auction that was held, with proceeds going to United Way. Students waiting in line had an opportunity to view items in the baskets, write down their bids, and hope, with a thankful heart, to be the highest bidder. Continue reading “Thankful for Thanksgiving and so much more”

Religious leaders make first place appearance at BHC costume Contest

The Student Life Office at Black Hawk College does a great job of putting together events and bringing students together. The Halloween costume contest was no exception to this reputation as it was filled with clever and creative costumes. From Tony Soprano to Freddy Kruger, it was all around good fun at the costume contest. The winners of the contest were basketball players dressed up as Religious leaders. Continue reading “Religious leaders make first place appearance at BHC costume Contest”