Oh, the places you’ll know

Image courtesy of clipartpanda.com
Image courtesy of clipartpanda.com

Finding and making the most of campus resources

If you are registered and attending classes right now, hopefully you are already familiar with departments like Advising, Hawk’s Hub (bookstore), Financial Aid, and the Bursar’s office, as well as TRiO and Transfer student programs. But what else is there?

Former students have unfortunately reported attending and graduating from a complete 2-year Associate’s Degree Program without ever knowing about or making use of some of the many free services available to Black Hawk College students.

The first must-know place is The Hawk’s Nest, located on the 2nd Floor of building 4. It is a fun, relaxing center for students to play games, meet group or club members, eat lunch, form study groups, and much more. Subway restaurant is located up there, serving breakfast and lunch daily. Continue reading “Oh, the places you’ll know”