ICC Tuition Forum

The Inter-Club Council held a meeting February 2nd which opened with a tuition Forum by Dr. Truitt, BHC President and Steve Frommelt, VP of Finance and Administration. They came to discuss with students a possible tuition increase for next semester and other financial issues the campus is facing.


Mr. Frommelt showing  students graphs of BHC operating funds

First on the agenda was Steve Frommelt who explained where the differences in revenue for the college are coming from. The main problem he said that we were facing was a large decrease in funding from the state. Dr. Truitt added, “If you have any energy left at the end of the day, contact your legislatures and ask them to put more money into higher education.”

20170209_142308Mr. Frommelt went on to talk about the tuition increase of around two-dollars per credit hour to keep the institution where it needs to be.  After the presentations, they turned it over to a Q & A portion for students. A large majority of the questions asked were about the possibilities of which professors and classes would have to be cut. Dr. Truitt answered, “We want the least amount of staff reductions as possible.” She continued, “We will not be taking away classes that are having hundreds of credit hours a semester.”


Dr. Truitt answering student’s questions

They closed the meeting after answering dozens of questions from students, who seemed content with the answers given.

Basketball Live Stream

Image result for bhc athletics

With the busy schedule’s of college students, it sometimes makes it hard for them to go and support the schools athletic programs throughout the week. For those of you that can’t catch the games in person, but still want to see the action, are in luck.

Black Hawk College now offers a live stream for all men’s and women’s home basketball games on a YouTube channel titled “BHC Athletics”. You can catch the games while they happen, or go back and watch them later.

This feature will not only benefit fans, but players who have aspirations to transfer and play at bigger colleges. Assistant men’s basketball coach, Keith Sutton, had this to say about the games being live streamed,”I think this is great for our guys. I wish there would have been a way for every game to be put online back when I was playing. It really changes the whole landscape of recruiting.”

Hopefully other programs at Black Hawk will follow suit, and start live streaming games to gauge more interest from fans, and to also give more national exposure to the athletes.

Black Hawk Club Fair


img_1150Black Hawk students Christian and Karina talk with students Alejandra and Karen about their organization.

Matthew Hayes

Last Wednesday was the kick-off event for all clubs and organizations across campus here at Black Hawk College. Students had the opportunity to talk with representatives from different clubs and decide whether or not they had the right stuff for them. They made the event fun with different candies and games at the tables as well as a sheet to fill out with stickers from three different tables to be entered to win a prize. Hundreds of students put their names down to join different clubs, and hopefully you did too! If not, it’s never too late! There are flyers posted all over the school that you can look at and get contact information to join your favorite club!


Upcoming Events

The spring semester of 2017 has kicked off! Below is a list of the upcoming events in January and February.

  • January 20th- March 9th , Art Space Gallery Exhibit. The exhibit is located on the first floor of building 4.
  • January 24th, PaCE Information Night. For students interested in learning more about a variety of  classes offered at Black Hawk College. It will be held from 4:30-6:30, at the adult learning center. 4610 Blackhawk Commons Drive, Rock Island.
  • January 24th, Health Care Career Programs Overview. From 5-6:30, at Black Hawk Colleges Health Sciences Center.
  • January 25th, Veterinary Technology FYI Night. 5:30-7:30, @ the Veterinary Sciences Center, East Campus.
  • January 26th, Artist reception for Art Space Gallery Exhibit. 4:00-6:00.
  • February 1st, Transfer Wednesday- Western Illinois University. 9:00 am – 12:00 pm, in the Advising Center.
  • February 7th, Transfer Tuesday- St. Ambrose University. 10:00 am – 2:00 pm, in the Advising Center.
  • February 16th, Artist reception for Art Space Gallery Exhibit. 4:00-6:00, building 4.
  • February 22nd, Transfer Wednesday- Augustana College. 10:00 am – 2:00 pm, in the Advising Center.
  • February 20th, Presidents Day- College Closed!
  • February 23rd, FYI Night. 6:00-8:00, in the Hawks Nest (Building 4).

Tanner Rowe



Pharmaceuticals gone wild

By Larry M. Burge II

Recently, a new public outrage has hit the scene with the announcement from Heather Bresch, CEO of Mylan Pharmaceuticals, daughter of Senator Joe Mancin (D-VA), that the price for the life-saving emergency anti-allergen EpiPen would increase from $57 to close to $700 for a two shot package. That follows a trend of massive drug price increases in the last decade, and especially the last four years, of life-saving drugs costs controlled by relatively few pharmaceutical corporations located (at least physically) in the United States.

Drugs like Daraprim, a 62-year-old drug that fights cancer and parasitic diseases and saw its price go from $13.50 to $750 overnight. Solvaldi, a drug that cures Hepatitis C and costs $1000 per pill. Insulin prices for diabetics has tripled in the last decade, Cycloserine, which combats tuberculosis, saw its costs go from $16 to $360.

Mylan CEO Bresch blames the increase on The Affordable Care Act (Obama care), despite the reporting of her salary going from 2.3 million to 15 million dollars per year, and the continuing criticism of her decision to move the corporate headquarters to the Netherlands, many claim a move to avoid US taxes. Breach’s father has decried the move publicly. Interestingly, Mylan was able to recently squash an attempt by an Israeli company to introduce a low cost version of the EpiPen with the help of the US Food and Drug Administration, which is staffed with numerous attorneys and consultants that were formerly on the payroll of major US pharmaceutical corporations.

Unfortunately, BHC no longer has a nurse on site that could administer to any student in need a dose of Epinephrine, the medication in the EpiPen, should a student find themselves in need and unable to get an EpiPen for whatever reason. Fortunately, 9-year Moline Fire Department veteran paramedic Eric Becker reports that the standard response time for the MFD to reach BHC in the event of an emergency is 3-5 minutes, and they are prepared to give any patient in need a dose of Epinephrine. Mr. Becker states that during his employment with the MFD, he has had to administer the drug 10-15 times. He also states that since the MFD does not use EpiPens, they are not affected by the massive price increase. However, he adds, the emergency services of smaller communities rely on the EpiPen and they would certainly be affected by the price increase.

The enormous price increases of many life-saving drugs are bound to affect every citizen through higher premiums for health insurance coverage and/or higher taxes. Only time will tell in any threatened Congressional investigations bear any fruit or relief of these unimaginable cost increases.




Is This THE Year?

Tanner Rowe

Is this THE Year?

Even though the Cubs have had more than their fair share of struggles over the past 108 years, the one thing that has always been constant are the large crowds that pack the 102 year old Chicago landmark known as Wrigley Field.

There is always a buzz in the Wrigleyville neighborhood when baseball season rolls around, but a lot of that buzz also comes with the acceptance of being “Lovable Losers,” while expectations are none higher than just beating the Cardinals and White Sox a couple times for bragging rights during the offseason.

For as long as I can remember, my summers have been consumed by Cubs baseball, and my winters have been spent wondering whether or not this would finally be the year that the Cubs break through and win the World Series.

This summer has been no different, as I have spent more than a handful of days within the confines of Wrigley Field cheering on my beloved Cubbies.

There are however a few things that I have noticed that have changed for the better, such as the level of play on the field, and the level of passion in the stands.

It is not rare to go to a game at Wrigley field and have conversations with everyone around you, as if you were all just one giant family, which is one of the many reasons why they call it “The Friendly Confines.” Even fans that I have sat around this season who are cheering for the opposing team (besides Sox fans) have all sent such high praise to what the Cubs have been doing, and many of them admit it is time for the boys in blue to get some hardware in October.

If you are a baseball fan, then you know a lot of strange things can happen throughout the course of 162 game season and into the playoffs. More times than not, the Cubs have ended up on the outside looking in, but with the proven front office that they have to go along with a strong foundation of young ballplayers, and not to mention one of the best managers in all of baseball, “next year” may be closer than we all think.asdf

Gabbing with Grunt: graduation means leaving neverland

neverlandFor approximately 16 years I’ve been attending school. I’ve survived monkey-bars, drivers-ed, and college-level math. I beat the odds against the “freshman-fifteen,” and even had the honor of becoming the editor-in-chief of a newspaper.

All in all, school has been good.

So when it’s time for it all to end — at least for now, I just may further my degree someday — will it feel any different than graduating from high school? Am I going to wake up the first day after finals and feel like the adulting has officially begun?

I can think of at least 10 reasons off the top of my head as to why I’m not yet qualified for the “adult” position:  

  1. I am the WORST at remembering to do the dishes. Or putting my clothes away after they’re washed. Or taking out the garbage when it’s full. Or cleaning….vacuuming I’m a total champ at, but the rest just sucks. Pun intended.
  2. I hop aboard the struggle bus every time I have to open the lid to a pickle jar.
  3. I cannot “flic the bic” on a lighter, and I tend to break a match in half whenever I try to strike it. I would not survive in the wild. Not even if I had a matchbook.
  4. I’m not ready to stop wearing my fuzzy Cousin Eddie winter hat around Christmas time. Either the other adults comply, or I refuse to join their club.
  5. I enjoy staying up into the late hours of the night watching Netflix; my classes are all basically in the afternoon, so it has yet to become an issue. But it will be. Someday.
  6. I haven’t begun to “officially” save for retirement. I have so little money now…
  7. I never remember to carry an umbrella, even though there’s one in my car. I know it’s there, I’ve seen it.
  8. Sometimes I have a hard time pouring the water out of the macaroni when I’m cooking. There always seems to be a stray noodle that pops out, lands in the sink, and mocks me.
  9. I don’t take a vitamin, and I’ve heard that’s a thing “responsible” people tend to do.
  10. I always feel like chickening out last minute when it comes to calling to make appointments for things; I don’t mind being on the phone with people, I just would love it if my mom did it…

Not to say I won’t figure it all out as I go along — if our parents and grandparents and great-grandparents have figured it out, so can we.

There are hundreds of us graduating on May 19th; completing our time at Black Hawk College is just the next step.

I wish all of my readers the best of luck — it’s been absolutely fantastic being able to have a column where I can openly discuss things that I have found other people have similar distress in. For two semesters, I’ve been fortunate to interact with students at BHC who were excited to be quoted in the newspaper; they didn’t run away from the blonde girl running around from student to student, brave souls. Some students even signed up at the Promotional Fair to receive emails from me about the newest column idea; I couldn’t thank you guys enough.

If you were ever interested in journalistic writing, I have to say that there is almost nothing more rewarding than seeing your work printed in the newspaper.

I also know that if you are graduating this month and you still haven’t got a clue what you want to do for a career, you’re not alone. When I find the right niche for me, it’s going to be just like how Prince Eric expects he’ll realize he’s found the right girl. It’ll just hit me, “bam, like lightning.”

Don’t be afraid to grow up, even if you feel at times that you will never be ready. All that matters is that you’re happy; I’ll be staying up to unreasonable hours in the evening, and you do what you enjoy.

Peace out.