On par in golf and in life

IMG_1534As I walked to the twelfth tee at the Tournament Club of Iowa, all I wanted to do was to finish my high school career with a par. The hole played as the most difficult on the course according to the scorecard, but taking more than the four shots required to par the hole just did not seem like an option. Sure a four on the scorecard looks nice, but this was more about my farewell to something I had devoted so much time to over the past six years. Continue reading “On par in golf and in life”

Braves focused on successful season

golfFor over four decades, there’s been a certain standard in place for the Braves Golf Program and that standard is simply winning.
Overall as a program, the Braves have won nineteen Region IV Championships, and thirty Arrowhead Conference Championships.

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Swinging for spring success

Rejoice golf fans – the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the grass on the fairway is once again turning green.

Well ok, we’re not exactly experiencing spring-like conditions quite yet here in Moline, but that’s not stopping the 2015 Men’s Golf team from preparing for the upcoming spring season. Continue reading “Swinging for spring success”